Harry Potter “Welcome to Hogwarts” Trading Card collection

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Album Name Harry Potter “Welcome to Hogwarts” Trading Card collection
Publication Year2021
Publication MonthMarch
Total Stickers225
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CategoryMovies - TV
Manufacturer NamePanini
DescriptionCollezione composta da 216 trading cards dedicate a tutti i film di Harry Potter.
La collezione comprende anche 60 trading cards speciali realizzate con materiali davvero particolari: effetto rainbow, dorato e argentato.

Box : il box che contiene 24 bustine costa 36€
Bustina : 1,50€
Super Pack Harry Potter "Welcome to Hogwarts" trading card : comprende 1 Starter Pack + 9 bustine e costa 23,40€
Created Bylagianna
Create Time2021-05-12 12:03:05


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