Road to UEFA Euro 2020 Adrenalyn XL

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Album NameRoad to UEFA Euro 2020 Adrenalyn XL
Publication Year2019
Publication MonthApril
Total Stickers413
Images added in checklist413
Manufacturer NamePanini

Starter Pack della collezione di cards Panini "Road to UEFA EURO 2020 Adrenalyn XL" (24 Cards + Raccoglitore + 2 Cards Limited Edition: INSIGNE Italia e SZCZ?SNY Polonia + Checklist + Campo da gioco) € 9,90

Box Panini Road to UEFA Euro 2020™ Adrenalyn XL - Scatola da 24 bustine : € 36

Bustina (contiene 6 cards): € 1,5

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Create Time2019-04-16 19:44:44


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