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# CategoryManufacturer NameAlbum NamePublication YearTotal StickersImages AddedSubmitted by UserView
501Cartoons - ComicsEdibas CollectionsMermaid Melody principesse sirene2003166166Funghina
502Cartoons - ComicsEdibas CollectionsMermaid Melody principesse sirene - seconda serie20032000Funghina
503Cartoons - ComicsEdibas CollectionsMermaid Melody principesse sirene lamincards20041500Funghina
504Cartoons - ComicsImage EdizioniMeteoHeroes INSIEME PER LA TERRA!20211800Cesca78
505Cartoons - ComicsMerlinMew Mew amiche vincenti20042050MaSte1710
506Movies - TVPaniniMia and Me 3 – Nuove avventure a Centopia2015192152lagianna
507Cartoons - ComicsPaniniMia e Me2014192171ginevra2012
508Cartoons - ComicsPaniniMickey Story19823600Giulia
509Cartoons - ComicsJunior StickersMila e Shiro due cuori nella pallavolo19902400Astrofigurine
510SoccerEuro PublishingMilan Official Sticker Collection 2017/20182017240223Matteo81
511SoccerEuro PublishingMilan sticker collection 2018 - 2019201822825fish
512Cartoons - ComicsPaniniMilly un giorno dopo l'altro19892400Astrofigurine
513Movies - TVPaniniMIMI E LA NAZIONALE DI PALLAVOLO19952400faudo70
514Cartoons - ComicsPaniniMINECRAFT adventure trading cards20202300PilotaPirx
515Movies - TVToppsMinions201517830lagianna
516Cartoons - ComicsToppsMinions Trading Card Game20151760ANDREA_2005
517Cartoons - ComicsPaniniMinnie Smart Life2014200192ginevra2012
518Cartoons - ComicsToppsMiraculous2018228141MaSte1710
519Cartoons - ComicsToppsMiraculous Serie 2201918615Giulia
520Cartoons - ComicsPaniniMIRACULOUS sticker collection20202040Steburik
521History and GeographyEdisMisteri e Magie2001204199enzo
522Animal - NaturePaniniMondo2015224224fish
523Movies - TVPaniniMonster & co.2002198181MaSte1710
524Cartoons - ComicsPaniniMonster Allergy20062220MaSte1710
525Cartoons - ComicsPaniniMonster High Fearbook20121920Astrofigurine
526Cartoons - ComicsPaniniMonster High Skull Life20131920ginevra2012
527Cartoons - ComicsMONDO TVMonster Rancher20011800Astrofigurine
528Movies - TVPaniniMonster University20132150MaSte1710
529Movies - TVDecòMr. Peabody e Sherman2014144144Ciccio18
530Cartoons - ComicsPaniniMULAN1998232198enzo
531Cartoons - ComicsToppsMy Little Pony20131800Funghina
532Cartoons - ComicsPaniniMy Little Pony - MioMiniPony19861800Astrofigurine
533Cartoons - ComicsPaniniMY LITTLE PONY - THE MOVIE2017204194MaSte1710
534Cartoons - ComicsPaniniMy Little Pony Explore Equestria20161880fish
535Cartoons - ComicsEdibas CollectionsMy Melody sogni di magia20082700Funghina
536Cartoons - ComicsPaniniNadja Applefields20042040MaSte1710
537Cartoons - ComicsPaniniNaruto battle of the ninja20082280MaSte1710
538Cartoons - ComicsPaniniNaruto true spirit of the ninja20072280MaSte1710
539BasketBallPaniniNBA 2016-17 Sticker Collection2016443421linacoco
540BasketBallPaniniNBA 2017-18 Sticker Collection2017535531MaSte1710
541BasketBallPaniniNBA 2018/2019 - Sticker & Card Collection2018566560Matteo81
542BasketBallPaniniNBA Basketball 2009-20102009384307enzo
543BasketBallPaniniNBA Sticker & Card Collection 2019 - 202019569430enzo
544BasketBallPaniniNBA Sticker Collection 2013-201420133630Guglielmo
545BasketBallPaniniNBA Sticker Collection 2015-162015469288fish
546Cartoons - ComicsE-maxNew Super Mario Bros.Wii20111810Funghina
547SoccerEsselunganoi C SIAMO CALCIO LECCO20191500Cisco
548Cartoons - ComicsPreziosi CollectionNON USARE - Dragon Ball Le tre saghe complete20091600Astrofigurine
549Cartoons - ComicsPaniniOcchi di gatto19862400Astrofigurine
550Movies - TVPaniniOCEANIA - Panini2016204202enzo
551Cartoons - ComicsGedis EdicolaOggy e i maledetti scarafaggi2015228106Figurina
552Cartoons - ComicsGedis EdicolaOggy e i Maledetti Scarafaggi A spasso nel tempo!2017216216enzo
553Cartoons - ComicsPaniniOliver & Company19892400Astrofigurine
554Cartoons - ComicsPaniniOnward Oltre la Magia2020197197enzo
555Movies - TVGiromaxPac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures201520840Marco
556History and GeographyGamma 3000Padre Pio2017162162Figurina
557Movies - TVEdigammaPalla di Neve1995172145Nevio59
558SoccerPaniniPanini Calciatori 1979-198019795760rcerchiaro
559SoccerPaniniPanini Coppa del Mondo FIFA Brasile 20142014640357matteo
560SoccerPaniniPanini FIFA 365 2015-2016 Adrenalyn XL20154917lagianna
561SoccerPaniniPANINI FIFA 365™ 2019 Official Sticker Collection2018468468Matteo81
562SoccerPaniniPanini South Africa 2010 FIFA world cup2010638591Enry86
563SoccerPaniniPanini UEFA Euro 2020 Preview. Adrenalyn XL20206830lagianna
564Cartoons - ComicsPaniniPaperinik New Adventures19981800MaSte1710
565Cartoons - ComicsPaniniPaperino Sticker Story (85 Years)2019312312enzo
566Cartoons - ComicsPanini FamilyParmareggio - I Calciatopolini20202828enzo
567Cartoons - ComicsPanini FamilyParmareggio - Viaggio nel Tempo20192624Marco
568Movies - TVGedis EdicolaPaw Patrol201522239Figurina
569Cartoons - ComicsGedis EdicolaPAW PATROL - Cuccioli all'avventura!2018216216Figurina
570Cartoons - ComicsCoopPeanuts Snoopy e i suoi amici2016144144Maria
571Animal - NaturePenny MarketPenny Marker National Geographic Kids20121940Agibiu
572Cartoons - ComicsPenny MarketPENNY MARKET - FRUVEES20166565enzo
573History and GeographyPenny MarketPenny Market - Geronimo Stilton Viaggio alla scoperta dell'Italia2014162162enzo
574SoccerPennyPENNY MARKET - Passione Mondiale 2014224224enzo
575Cartoons - ComicsPennyPENNY MARKET - Penny, partenza e ... sport!2017144144MaSte1710
576History and GeographyPenny MarketPENNY MARKET - Pianeta Terra2013210210enzo
577Cartoons - ComicsGedis EdicolaPeppa hip,hip, urrà per Peppa! - L'album delle figurine ufficiali20143840Ciotella
578Cartoons - ComicsGedis EdicolaPeppa Pig edizione 201820183840Figurina
579Cartoons - ComicsGedis EdicolaPeppa Pig Gioca & Impara2017240240lagianna
580Cartoons - ComicsPaniniPeter Pan19912400Astrofigurine
581Movies - TVPaniniPets - Vita da Animali2016180180enzo
582SoccerDSPianeta Calcio 199919992340Foxnerazzurro
583Cartoons - ComicsMerlinPiccoli brividi19971800Astrofigurine
584Cartoons - ComicsPaniniPixie20081920MaSte1710
585Cartoons - ComicsGedis EdicolaPJMASKS - l'Album di figurine dei Superpigiamini2017240240enzo
586Movies - TVPaniniPlanes 2 missione antincendio2014200200MaSte1710
587Movies - TVPaniniPlanes Sticker Album2013216216harrybosch
588Cartoons - ComicsPaniniPlayhouse Disney 2 Gioca & Impara20102030MaSte1710
589Cartoons - ComicsPaniniPlayhouse Disney channel2009208208banana
590Cartoons - ComicsPaniniPocahontas1995242238enzo
591Cartoons - ComicsMONDO TVPocahontas The princess of american indians20001800Astrofigurine
592Animal - NatureGazzetta dello SportPocket Box Animal20111250Tyrannus89
593Movies - TVMerlinPokémon - Acchiappali tutti!2000276275enzo
594Cartoons - ComicsMerlinPokèmon - Ultimate sticker collection20063960Astrofigurine
595Cartoons - ComicsMerlinPokémon Acchiappali Tutti - anno 200120011260MaSte1710
596Cartoons - ComicsMerlinPokemon Acchiappali Tutti Serie 220002160MaSte1710
597Cartoons - ComicsMerlinPokémon Advanced20042380valeora
598Cartoons - ComicsEdibas CollectionsPokemon Advanced Lamincards Collection2004150110enzo
599Cartoons - ComicsMerlinPokemon Advanced Pocket Collection20062220nessunogiuseppe31
600Cartoons - ComicsMerlinPokémon Johto League Champions20021980valeora