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# CategoryManufacturer NameAlbum NamePublication YearTotal StickersImages AddedSubmitted by UserView
101Cartoons - ComicsPaniniToy Story 42019266266007
102SoccerPaniniFIFA 3652015946697007
103Cartoons - ComicsPaniniVictoria Plum19831800Astrofigurine
104Cartoons - ComicsPaniniSofia la Principessa2015168158Giulia
105SoccerPaniniCalciatori figurine 2017-20182017834834checcolino
106Cartoons - ComicsPaniniLove is... L'amore è...19851800Astrofigurine
107Cartoons - ComicsPaniniMy Little Pony - MioMiniPony19861800Astrofigurine
108Cartoons - ComicsPaniniHello Kitty è...2015192190Figurina
109Cartoons - ComicsPaniniUna per tutte, tutte per una (Piccole donne)19882400Astrofigurine
110Movies - TVPaniniDescendants201518047fish
111Cartoons - ComicsPaniniMaple Town - Un nido di simpatia19882400Astrofigurine
112Movies - TVPaniniMia and Me 3 – Nuove avventure a Centopia2015192152lagianna
113Cartoons - ComicsPaniniLucy-May19832400Astrofigurine
114Cartoons - ComicsPaniniPeter Pan19912400Astrofigurine
115History and GeographyPaniniIl Pianeta blu1995204165Nevio59
116Cartoons - ComicsPaniniCoco2017168168MaSte1710
117Cartoons - ComicsPaniniBia la sfida della magia19812400Astrofigurine
118Cartoons - ComicsPaniniOcchi di gatto19862400Astrofigurine
119Movies - TVPaniniGame Therapy20152520007
120Cartoons - ComicsPaniniAnna dai capelli rossi19802400Astrofigurine
121Cartoons - ComicsPaniniOliver & Company19892400Astrofigurine
122Cartoons - ComicsPaniniTEX L'Eroe del West2015228228abracci
123Cartoons - ComicsPaniniRanma 1/219962340Astrofigurine
124BasketBallPaniniNBA Sticker Collection 2015-162015469288fish
125Other SportsPanini100° Giro d'Italia2017422422enzo
126Cartoons - ComicsPaniniWinx nuove scintillanti magie20072280MaSte1710
127Cartoons - ComicsPaniniX- MEN1994216210enzo
128SoccerPaniniCalciatori 1995-19961995576183Marco
129SoccerPaniniUEFA Champions League 2012-2013201259041Cisco
130Cartoons - ComicsPaniniCONAN199421686enzo
131SoccerPaniniCalciatori 1994-19951994615204Marco
132Other SportsPaniniTour de France2019424247Ullo
133SoccerPaniniUEFA Champions League 2013-2014201363048Paolo69
134SoccerPaniniRoad to 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia2017480480enzo
135SoccerPaniniCalciatori 1993-19941993616615Marco
136Cartoons - ComicsPaniniFrozen- Che mito mia sorella2015160160Paolo69
137Cartoons - ComicsPaniniPocahontas1995242238enzo
138Cartoons - ComicsPaniniAlla ricerca di NEMO20122000Cisco
139Cartoons - ComicsPaniniBaby Looney Tunes Day by Day20082200MaSte1710
140Movies - TVPaniniFortnite™ Trading Card Collection series 12019300218lagianna
141SoccerPaniniAdrenalyn XL 2015-20162015369357alexverde
142Cartoons - ComicsPaniniBambi20051980MaSte1710
143Cartoons - ComicsPaniniBig Hero 620141920MaSte1710
144Cartoons - ComicsPaniniBeyblade VForce20042040MaSte1710
145SoccerPaniniEuropa '961996354255Nevio59
146Cartoons - ComicsPaniniLego Friends2015160160007
147Cartoons - ComicsPaniniDragon Trainer20102160MaSte1710
148Cartoons - ComicsPaniniElena di Avalor2018184184Giulia
149Cartoons - ComicsPaniniIl viaggio di Arlo2015192181Sordo64
150Cartoons - ComicsPaniniDue fantagenitori2013216206MaSte1710
151SoccerPaniniRoad To 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil20134280Giulia
152Cartoons - ComicsPaniniDoraemon2004204204007
153Movies - TVPaniniHarry Potter e la pietra filosofale2001216190MaSte1710
154Movies - TVPaniniSPIDER-MAN: Far From Home Spiderman2019242242Matteo81
155Movies - TVPaniniAbatons Star Wars20156060Giulia
156Movies - TVPaniniHarry Potter e la camera dei segreti20022940MaSte1710
157Cartoons - ComicsPaniniGORJUSS Santoro 2^ Edizione 20192019176176Figurina
158Movies - TVPaniniLego Ninjago Master of Spinjitzu2015222172fish
159Movies - TVPaniniHarry Potter e il prigioniero di Azkaban20042520MaSte1710
160Movies - TVPaniniHarry Potter e il calice di fuoco20052460MaSte1710
161SoccerPaniniRoad to UEFA Euro 2016 Stickers Album20153841Marco
162SoccerPaniniRoad to UEFA EURO 2016 Adrenalyn XL2015390350Marco
163Movies - TVPaniniHarry Potter e l'ordine della fenice20072880MaSte1710
164SoccerPaniniCalciatori Adrenalyn XL 2019/20202019602207Gian
165SoccerPaniniCalciatori 2015-20162015968957lagianna
166Movies - TVPaniniHarry Potter e il principe mezzosangue20093600MaSte1710
167SoccerPaniniFrance 98 World Cup FIFA 1998199856145fish
168Movies - TVPaniniHarry Potter e i doni della morte parte120102400MaSte1710
169(not set)PaniniDisney Violetta - i consigli di violetta2014192131Ciccio18
170Movies - TVPaniniHarry Potter e i doni della morte parte220112280MaSte1710
171(not set)PaniniDisney Violetta - seconda stagione2013228107Ciccio18
172Cartoons - ComicsPaniniI Puffi20072270fish
173Movies - TVPaniniIl magico mondo di Harry Potter20082160MaSte1710
174Cartoons - ComicsPaniniHeidi1978400400Ciccio18
175Movies - TVPaniniHannah Montana20082280MaSte1710
176Movies - TVPaniniDisney Violetta - love music passion2014204131Ciccio18
177Cartoons - ComicsPaniniHello Kitty B-Cool20112040MaSte1710
178Movies - TVPaniniFortnite Ready to Jump!201935122tere
179Cartoons - ComicsPaniniHello Kitty fashion20102100MaSte1710
180SoccerPaniniFORZA SPAL!201910517paolokava
181Cartoons - ComicsPaniniHello Kitty superstar20102400MaSte1710
182Cartoons - ComicsPaniniCapitan Futuro1981400251Ciccio18
183Cartoons - ComicsPaniniPaperino Sticker Story (85 Years)2019312312enzo
184Movies - TVPaniniIl libro della giungla 22003222169MaSte1710
185Cartoons - ComicsPaniniBATMAN Anniversary 80 years2019228228Nevio59
186Cartoons - ComicsPaniniIl mondo di cars 220101720MaSte1710
187Cartoons - ComicsPaniniTransformers1986256197Ciccio18
188Cartoons - ComicsPaniniTrulli Tales201919279Figurina
189Cartoons - ComicsPaniniInvito al castello20092280MaSte1710
190SoccerPaniniFIFA 365 20202019448464Nevio59
191Movies - TVPaniniKung fu panda 220111920MaSte1710
192Cartoons - ComicsPaniniGormiti Sticker Album20192040007
193Movies - TVPaniniLa bussola d'oro20072520MaSte1710
194Cartoons - ComicsPaniniL.O.L. Surprise! #GLAMLIFE LOL20191930007
195Cartoons - ComicsPaniniLe mie principesse20062160MaSte1710
196Cartoons - ComicsPaniniPlayhouse Disney channel2009208208banana
197BasketBallPaniniNBA Sticker & Card Collection 2019 - 202019569430enzo
198Movies - TVPaniniMonster University20132150MaSte1710
199Cartoons - ComicsPaniniAstro Robot198024050Ciccio18
200Cartoons - ComicsPaniniFROZEN II - Il Segreto di Arendelle2019266271Giulia