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# CategoryManufacturer NameAlbum NamePublication YearTotal StickersImages AddedSubmitted by UserView
1SoccerPaniniCalciatori 2014-20152014802614Marco
2Cartoons - ComicsGalbaniGALBANI CREMA BEL PAESE - Disney Pixar CARS 320171919Marco
3Cartoons - ComicsGamma 3000Calimero & Friends2015128121Marco
4Movies - TVGiromaxPac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures201520840Marco
5Cartoons - ComicsPaniniBLAZE e le Mega Macchine2017168168Marco
6Movies - TVToppsStar Wars The Last Jedi2017200177Marco
7Animal - NatureImage EdizioniPuppy e Kitty2015240109Marco
8Other SportsToppsSlam Attax 10th Edition20174150Marco
9SoccerPaniniCalciatori 1995-19961995576183Marco
10SoccerPaniniCalciatori 1994-19951994615204Marco
11SoccerPaniniCalciatori 1993-19941993616615Marco
12Cartoons - ComicsPanini FamilyParmareggio - Viaggio nel Tempo20192624Marco
13SoccerPaniniRoad to UEFA Euro 2016 Stickers Album20153841Marco
14SoccerPaniniRoad to UEFA EURO 2016 Adrenalyn XL2015390350Marco
15Animal - NaturePanjoyI miei Dinosauri2018218218Marco
16Movies - TVPaniniIl mondo di Batman20161920Marco
17Movies - TVPaniniCaptain America Civil War2016204204Marco
18Cartoons - ComicsLIDLLIDL Stikeez 201620162525Marco
19Cartoons - ComicsPaniniBen 102018192192Marco
20SoccerPaniniUEFA EURO 2016™ Adrenalyn XL™2016610189Marco
21Cartoons - ComicsDiramix - DiramaxDragonball Collection ed.2019201932452Marco
22Cartoons - ComicsCoopCOOP - I Frighissimi20172424Marco
23Movies - TVPaniniAnimali Fantastici e dove trovarli2016240240Marco
24Animal - NaturePaniniSpider Power2016192192Marco
25Cartoons - ComicsPaniniCars 32017208208Marco
26Cartoons - ComicsPaniniGormiti - Action Cards2019180180Marco
27Cartoons - ComicsPaniniDragons: draghi guida per i cavalieri2014198198Giulia
28Cartoons - ComicsPaniniSam il Pompiere 20172017184184Giulia
29Animal - NatureDespar Eurospar IntersparSticker Mania Avventura nel mondo dei Dinosauri2015144113Giulia
30SoccerPaniniCopa America Chile 20152015348348Giulia
31Movies - TVPaniniVioletta Stagione 32015201178Giulia
32Movies - TVRainbowMaggie & Bianca Fashion Friends2017216192Giulia
33Cartoons - ComicsPaniniYO-KAY WATCH Nuovi Amici2017184167Giulia
34Cartoons - ComicsLIDLStikeez - Lidl ed.201920192424Giulia
35Animal - NaturePizzardi EditoreAmici Cucciolotti 20142014660660Giulia
36Cartoons - ComicsPaniniMickey Story19823600Giulia
37Cartoons - ComicsLIDLLIDL - STIKEEZ I PUFFI Viaggio nella Foresta Segreta20172424Giulia
38Cartoons - ComicsPaniniSofia la Principessa2015168158Giulia
39Cartoons - ComicsTridimensionalWinx Club Moda & Magia20152161Giulia
40Cartoons - ComicsMc Donald's Adventure Time Viaggio intorno alle Terre Mistiche20181010Giulia
41Cartoons - ComicsPaniniElena di Avalor2018184184Giulia
42SoccerPaniniRoad To 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil20134280Giulia
43Movies - TVPaniniAbatons Star Wars20156060Giulia
44Cartoons - ComicsPaniniFROZEN II - Il Segreto di Arendelle2019266271Giulia
45Cartoons - ComicsPaniniZootropolis2016192192Giulia
46Movies - TVDiramix - DiramaxMe contro Te201818010Giulia
47Cartoons - ComicsPaniniFrozen: Magia d'Inverno2015200200Giulia
48Animal - NaturePaniniZampe & Co 2012-20132012432186Giulia
49SoccerPaniniKellogg's Football Superstar20186060Giulia
50Movies - TVDiramix - DiramaxAlex & Co Card Game Collection20161500Giulia
51Cartoons - ComicsItalgrafBig Babol Batman2016300Giulia
52Animal - NatureDe AgostiniMagiki Tartarughe20181212Giulia
53Cartoons - ComicsRainbowWinx Magiche Amiche2016340Giulia
54Cartoons - ComicsPaniniL.O.L. Surprise! Let's be Friends Collection LOL2019254223Giulia
55Cartoons - ComicsToppsMiraculous Serie 2201918615Giulia
56Cartoons - ComicsPaniniFROZEN - La magia delle luci del Nord2017192192Giulia
57SoccerPaniniCalciatori 1999-200019997430Giulia
58SoccerPaniniCalciatori 1998-19991998699236Giulia
59Cartoons - ComicsPaniniFrozen 2 - Momenti Magici2014204204fish
60Movies - TVPaniniJurassic World2015176147fish
61SoccerPaniniCalciatori 2011-20122011880170fish
62Movies - TVPaniniLa Bella e la Bestia2017180180fish
63Animal - NaturePaniniMondo2015224224fish
64SoccerFive StoreBomberBall 20172017770fish
65Movies - TVPaniniDescendants201518047fish
66BasketBallPaniniNBA Sticker Collection 2015-162015469288fish
67Movies - TVPaniniLego Ninjago Master of Spinjitzu2015222172fish
68SoccerPaniniFrance 98 World Cup FIFA 1998199856145fish
69Cartoons - ComicsPaniniI Puffi20072270fish
70Cartoons - ComicsPaniniMy Little Pony Explore Equestria20161880fish
71Cartoons - ComicsPaniniFrozen English is Fun2016184184fish
72Cartoons - ComicsPaniniFrozen – Il regno di ghiaccio2014192100fish
73SoccerPaniniUEFA EURO 2016™ Official Sticker Album2016680764fish
74Movies - TVPaniniMaggie & Bianca Fashion Friends Card Collection201822426fish
75Cartoons - ComicsPaniniHercules1997232232fish
76Cartoons - ComicsPaniniDisney Princess Talenti da Favola2016235226fish
77SoccerEuro PublishingMilan sticker collection 2018 - 2019201822825fish
78SoccerEuro PublishingInter sticker collection 2018 - 20192018228201fish
79SoccerPaniniAdrenalyn XL Road to 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia2017608595fish
80Other SportsToppsWWE Rivals2009250244fish
81Cartoons - ComicsPaniniGORJUSS Santoro edizione 2019201918427fish
82SoccerToppsCrystal UEFA Champions League 2018-20192019217127fish
83Movies - TVToppsStar Wars Rogue One Stickers2016200136fish
84Cartoons - ComicsVeGe'VeGe' Cards Oceania20162819fish
85Animal - NatureDiramix - DiramaxThe Epic Animals Estinzione20153230007
86Movies - TVPaniniFAVIJ Sticker Collection201520230007
87Cartoons - ComicsPreziosi CollectionLEGO The Ninjago Movie201722847007
88SoccerPaniniCalciatori 2012-20132012857609007
89SoccerPaniniCalciatori 2003 - 20042003842414007
90SoccerPaniniCalciatori 2002-20032002734545007
91Cartoons - ComicsEurospinEurospin Rubbiz2017140007
92Movies - TVPam PanoramaLe Grandi Avventure2014144144007
93Animal - NatureDecòDECO' - Ti Orto a Scuola20179117007
94Cartoons - ComicsPaniniDisney Frozen - Le Avventure di Olaf Activity Poster Album20174056007
95Cartoons - ComicsPaniniToy Story 42019266266007
96SoccerPaniniFIFA 3652015946697007
97Animal - NatureDiramix - DiramaxIl Mio Primo Cucciolo20154520007
98Movies - TVPaniniGame Therapy20152520007
99Cartoons - ComicsPaniniLego Friends2015160160007
100Cartoons - ComicsPaniniDoraemon2004204204007