Checklist Match Attax Champion League e Europa League 2021-2021

Puzzle Cards
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View, Download and print Match Attax Champion League e Europa League 2021-2021 checklist in PDF format.
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REA1, REA2, REA3, REA4, REA5, REA6, REA7, REA8, REA9, REA10, REA11, REA12, REA13, REA14, REA15, REA16, REA17, REA18, BAR1, BAR2, BAR3, BAR4, BAR5, BAR6, BAR7, BAR8, BAR9, BAR10, BAR11, BAR12, BAR13, BAR14, BAR15, BAR16, BAR17, BAR18, ATL1, ATL2, ATL3, ATL4, ATL5, ATL6, ATL7, ATL8, ATL9, ATL10, ATL11, ATL12, ATL13, ATL14, ATL15, ATL16, ATL17, ATL18, LIV1, LIV2, LIV3, LIV4, LIV5, LIV6, LIV7, LIV8, LIV9, LIV10, LIV11, LIV12, LIV13, LIV14, LIV15, LIV16, LIV17, LIV18, MCI1, MCI2, MCI3, MCI4, MCI5, MCI6, MCI7, MCI8, MCI9, MCI10, MCI11, MCI12, MCI13, MCI14, MCI15, MCI16, MNU1, MNU2, MNU3, MNU4, MNU5, MNU6, MNU7, MNU8, MNU9, MNU10, MNU11, MNU12, MNU13, MNU14, MNU15, MNU16, MNU17, MNU18, CHE1, CHE2, CHE2-DZ, CHE3, CHE4, CHE5, CHE5-DZ, CHE6, CHE7, CHE8, CHE9, CHE10, CHE11, CHE12, CHE13, CHE14, CHE15, CHE16, CHE17, CHE18, LEI1, LEI2, LEI3, LEI4, LEI5, LEI6, LEI7, LEI8, LEI9, LEI10, LEI11, LEI12, LEI13, LEI14, LEI15, LEI16, LEI17, LEI18, TOT1, TOT2, TOT3, TOT4, TOT5, TOT6, TOT7, TOT8, TOT9, TOT10, TOT11, TOT12, TOT13, TOT14, TOT15, TOT16, BAY1, BAY2, BAY3, BAY4, BAY5, BAY6, BAY7, BAY8, BAY9, BAY10, BAY11, BAY12, BAY13, BAY14, BAY15, BAY16, BAY17, BAY18, DOR1, DOR2, DOR3, DOR4, DOR5, DOR6, DOR7, DOR8, DOR9, DOR10, DOR11, DOR12, DOR13, DOR14, DOR15, DOR16, DOR17, DOR18, RBL1, RBL2, RBL3, RBL4, RBL5, RBL6, RBL7, RBL8, RBL9, RBL10, RBL11, RBL12, RBL13, RBL14, RBL15, RBL16, RBL17, RBL18, BMG1, BMG2, BMG3, BMG4, BMG5, BMG6, BMG7, BMG8, BMG9, BMG10, BMG11, BMG12, BMG13, BMG14, BMG15, BMG16, PSG1, PSG2, PSG3, PSG4, PSG5, PSG6, PSG7, PSG8, PSG9, PSG10, PSG11, PSG12, PSG13, PSG14, PSG15, PSG16, PSG17, PSG18, MAR1, MAR2, MAR3, MAR4, MAR5, MAR6, MAR7, MAR8, MAR9, MAR10, BEN1, BEN2, BEN3, BEN4, BEN5, BEN6, BEN7, BEN8, BEN9, BEN10, BEN11, BEN12, BEN13, BEN14, BEN15, BEN16, BEN17, BEN18, ZEN1, ZEN2, ZEN3, ZEN4, ZEN5, ZEN6, ZEN7, ZEN8, ZEN9, ZEN10, BRU1, BRU2, BRU3, BRU4, BRU5, BRU6, BRU7, BRU8, BRU9, BRU10, SHA1, SHA2, SHA3, SHA4, SHA5, SHA6, SHA7, SHA8, SHA9, IBA1, IBA2, IBA3, IBA4, IBA5, CEL1, CEL2, CEL3, CEL4, CEL5, CEL6, CEL7, CEL8, CEL9, CEL10, CEL11, CEL12, RNG1, RNG2, RNG3, RNG4, RNG5, RNG6, RNG7, RNG8, RNG9, RNG10, RNG11, RNG12, JUV1, JUV2, JUV3, JUV4, JUV5, JUV6, JUV7, JUV8, JUV9, JUV10, JUV11, JUV12, JUV13, JUV14, JUV15, JUV16, JUV17, INT1, INT2, INT3, INT4, INT5, INT6, INT7, INT8, INT9, INT10, INT11, INT12, INT13, INT14, INT15, INT16, INT17, ATA1, ATA2, ATA3, ATA4, ATA5, ATA6, ATA7, ATA8, ATA9, ATA10, ATA11, ATA12, ATA13, ATA14, ATA15, ATA16, ATA17, LAZ1, LAZ2, LAZ3, LAZ4, LAZ5, LAZ6, LAZ7, LAZ8, LAZ9, LAZ10, LAZ11, LAZ12, LAZ13, LAZ14, LAZ15, LAZ16, LAZ17, ROM1, ROM2, ROM3, ROM4, ROM5, ROM6, ROM7, ROM8, ROM9, ROM10, ROM11, ROM12, ROM13, ROM14, ROM15, ROM16, ROM17, ACM1, ACM2, ACM3, ACM4, ACM5, ACM6, ACM7, ACM8, ACM9, ACM10, ACM11, ACM12, ACM13, ACM14, ACM15, ACM16, ACM17, NAP1, NAP2, NAP3, NAP4, NAP5, NAP6, NAP7, NAP8, NAP9, NAP10, NAP11, NAP12, NAP13, NAP14, NAP15, NAP16, NAP17, SEV1, SEV2, SEV3, SEV4, SEV5, SEV6, SEV7, SEV8, SEV9, SEV10, SEV11, SEV12, SEV13, SEV14, SEV15, SEV16, SOC1, SOC2, SOC3, SOC4, SOC5, SOC6, SOC7, SOC8, SOC9, SOC10, SOC11, SOC12, SOC13, SOC14, SOC15, SOC16, VIL1, VIL2, VIL3, VIL4, VIL5, VIL6, VIL7, VIL8, VIL9, VIL10, VIL11, VIL12, VIL13, VIL14, VIL15, VIL16, GRA1, GRA2, GRA3, GRA4, GRA5, GRA6, GRA7, GRA8, GRA9, GRA10, GRA11, GRA12, GRA13, GRA14, GRA15, GRA16, FCP1, FCP2, FCP3, FCP4, FCP5, FCP6, FCP7, FCP8, FCP9, FCP10, FCP11, FCP12, ATM1, ATM2, ATM3, ATM4, ATM5, ATM6, ATM7, ATM8, ATM9, ATM10, ATM11, ATM12, ATM13, ATM14, ATM15, ATM16, ATM17, ATM18, FER1, FER2, FER3, FER4, FER5, FER6, FER7, FER8, FER9, FER10, FER11, FER12, FER13, FER14, FER15, FER16, ARS1, ARS2, ARS3, ARS4, ARS5, ARS6, ARS7, ARS8, ARS9, ARS10, ARS11, ARS12, ARS13, ARS14, ARS15, ARS16, SP1, SP2, SP3, SP3-BR, SP4, SP5, SP6, SP7, SP8, SP9, SP10, SP11, SP12, SP13, SP14, SP15, SP16, RS1, RS2, RS3, RS3-BR, RS4, RS5, RS6, RS7, RS8, RS9, RS10, RS11, RS12, RS13, RS14, RS15, RS16, MM1, MM2, MM3, MM4, MM4-BR, MM5, MM6, MM7, MM8, MM9, MM10, MM11, MM12, MM13, MM14, MM15, MM16, MM17, MM18, MM19, MM20, MM21, MM22, MM23, MM24, MM25, MM26, MM27, HT1, HT2, HT3, HT4, HT5, CL1, CL2, CL3, CL4, CL5, CL6, CL7, CL7-BR, CL8, CL9, CL10, CL11, T1, T2, T3, T4, GG1, GG2, GG3, GG4, GG5, GG5-BR, GG6, GG7, GG8, GG9, GG10, GG11, GG12, GG13, GG14, GG15, WC1, WC2, WC3, WC4, WC4-BR, WC5, WC6, WC7, WC8, WC9, WC10, WC11, WC12, WC13, WC14, WC15, II1, II2, II3, II3-BR, II4, II5, II6, II7, II8, II9, II10, II11, II12, II13, II14, II15, MW1, MW2, MW3, MW4, MW4-BR, MW5, MW6, MW7, MW8, MW9, MW10, MW11, MW12, MW13, MW14, MW15, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, PS5, PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9, PS10, PS11, PS12, PS13, PS14, PS15, SS1, SS2, SS3, SS4, SS5, SS6, SS7, SS8, SS9, SS10, SS11, SS12, SIG1, SIG2, SIG3, SIG4, SIG5, SIG6, SIG7, SIG8, SIG9, SIG10, SIG11, SIG12, SIG13, SIG14, SIG15, SIG16, SIGN1, SIGN2, SIGN3, SIGN4, SIGN5, SIGN6, SIGN7, SIGN8, SIGN9, SIGN10, PP-1, PP-2, PP-3, PP-4, PP-5, PP-6, PP-7, PP-8, PP-9, PP-10, PP-11, PP-12, PP-13, PP-14, PP-15, PP-16, PP-17, PP-18, PP-19, PP-20, STAR1, STAR2, STAR3, STAR4, STAR5, STAR6, STAR7, STAR8, STAR9, STAR10, STAR11, STAR12, STAR13, STAR14, STAR15, STAR16, STAR17, STAR18, STAR19, STAR20, STAR21, STAR22, MTM1, MTM2, MTM3, MTM4, MTM5, MTM6, MTM7, MTM8, MTM9, MTM10, MTM11, MTM12, MTM13, LEG1, LEG2, LEG3, LEG4, LEG5, LEG6, LEG7, UC1, UC2, UC3, UC4, UC5, UC6, UC7, UC8, UC9, UC10, UC11, UC12, UC13, UC14, UC15, UC16, UC17, UC18, UC19, UC20, UC21, UC22, UC23, UC24, UC25, UC26, UC27, UC28, UC29, UC30, UC31, UC32, HU1, HU2, HU3, HU4, HU5, HU6, HU7, HU8, HU9, HU10, HU11, HU12, HU13, HU14, HU15, HU16, HU17, HU18, HU19, HU20, HU21, HU22, AC-AO, AC-AR, AC-BF, AC-CK, AC-CR, AC-D, AC-DC, AC-DT, AC-DZ, AC-EH, AC-GR, AC-HH, AC-HS, AC-JB, AC-JB1, AC-JM, AC-JS, AC-KA, AC-LM, AC-LP, AC-LV, AC-MD, AC-MH, AC-MM, AC-MR, AC-NO, AC-OD, AC-RB, AC-RF, AC-RG, AC-RS, AC-SD, AC-SG, AC-TA, AC-TD, AC-TH, AC-YS, LE1G, LE1S, LE1B, LE2G, LE2S, LE2B, LE3G, LE3S, LE3B, LE4G, LE4S, LE4B, LE5G, LE5S, LE5B, LE5B-BR, LE5S-BR, LE5G-BR, LE6G, LE6S, LE6B, LE7G, LE7S, LE7B, LE8G, LE8S, LE8B, LE9G, LE9S, LE9B, LE10G, LE10S, LE10B, LE11, LE12, LE13, LEH01, LEH01A, OS1, OS2, OS3, OS4, OS5, OS6, OS7, OS8, T1F, ESP1, ESP2, ESP3
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#ImageCard NumberCard NameSectionSubsectionsCardtypeRarity
1REA1Team BadgeReal Madrid C.F.Team BadgeStandardCommon
2REA2Sergio RamosReal Madrid C.F.Club HeroStandardCommon
3REA3Luka ModrićReal Madrid C.F.All RounderStandardCommon
4REA4Thibaut CourtoisReal Madrid C.F.Base cardStandardCommon
5REA5Dani CarvajalReal Madrid C.F.Base cardStandardCommon
6REA6Raphaël VaraneReal Madrid C.F.Base cardStandardCommon
7REA7Ferland MendyReal Madrid C.F.Base cardStandardCommon
8REA8Éder MilitãoReal Madrid C.F.Base cardStandardCommon
9REA9MarceloReal Madrid C.F.Base cardStandardCommon
10REA10Nacho FernándezReal Madrid C.F.Base cardStandardCommon
11REA11CasemiroReal Madrid C.F.Base cardStandardCommon
12REA12Toni KroosReal Madrid C.F.Base cardStandardCommon
13REA13IscoReal Madrid C.F.Base cardStandardCommon
14REA14Eden HazardReal Madrid C.F.Base cardStandardCommon
15REA15Vinícius JúniorReal Madrid C.F.Base cardStandardCommon
16REA16Gareth BaleReal Madrid C.F.Base cardStandardCommon
17REA17Luka JovićReal Madrid C.F.Base cardStandardCommon
18REA18Karim BenzemaReal Madrid C.F.Base cardStandardCommon
19BAR1Team BadgeFC BarcelonaTeam BadgeStandardCommon
20BAR2Gerard PiquéFC BarcelonaClub HeroStandardCommon
21BAR3Arturo VidalFC BarcelonaAll RounderStandardCommon
22BAR4Marc-André ter StegenFC BarcelonaBase cardStandardCommon
23BAR5Clément LengletFC BarcelonaBase cardStandardCommon
24BAR6Nélson SemedoFC BarcelonaBase cardStandardCommon
25BAR7Jordi AlbaFC BarcelonaBase cardStandardCommon
26BAR8Samuel UmtitiFC BarcelonaBase cardStandardCommon
27BAR9Sergio BusquetsFC BarcelonaBase cardStandardCommon
28BAR10Sergi RobertoFC BarcelonaBase cardStandardCommon
29BAR11Frenkie de JongFC BarcelonaBase cardStandardCommon
30BAR12Álex ColladoFC BarcelonaBase cardStandardCommon
31BAR13Ivan RakitićFC BarcelonaBase cardStandardCommon
32BAR14Ousmane DembéléFC BarcelonaBase cardStandardCommon
33BAR15Martin BraithwaiteFC BarcelonaBase cardStandardCommon
34BAR16Antoine GriezmannFC BarcelonaBase cardStandardCommon
35BAR17Luis SuárezFC BarcelonaBase cardStandardCommon
36BAR18Lionel MessiFC BarcelonaBase cardStandardCommon
37ATL1Team BadgeAtlético de MadridTeam BadgeStandardCommon
38ATL2KokeAtlético de MadridClub HeroStandardCommon
39ATL3Héctor HerreraAtlético de MadridAll RounderStandardCommon
40ATL4Jan OblakAtlético de MadridBase cardStandardCommon
41ATL5José María GiménezAtlético de MadridBase cardStandardCommon
42ATL6Mario HermosoAtlético de MadridBase cardStandardCommon
43ATL7Kieran TrippierAtlético de MadridBase cardStandardCommon
44ATL8Stefan SavićAtlético de MadridBase cardStandardCommon
45ATL9Thomas ParteyAtlético de MadridBase cardStandardCommon
46ATL10Marcos LlorenteAtlético de MadridBase cardStandardCommon
47ATL11Saúl ÑíguezAtlético de MadridBase cardStandardCommon
48ATL12Ángel CorreaAtlético de MadridBase cardStandardCommon
49ATL13Thomas LemarAtlético de MadridBase cardStandardCommon
50ATL14João FélixAtlético de MadridBase cardStandardCommon
51ATL15Álvaro MorataAtlético de MadridBase cardStandardCommon
52ATL16Diego CostaAtlético de MadridBase cardStandardCommon
53ATL17FelipeAtlético de MadridBase cardStandardCommon
54ATL18Šime VrsaljkoAtlético de MadridBase cardStandardCommon
55LIV1Team BadgeLiverpool FCTeam BadgeStandardCommon
56LIV2Divock OrigiLiverpool FCClub HeroStandardCommon
57LIV3Jordan HendersonLiverpool FCAll RounderStandardCommon
58LIV4Alisson BeckerLiverpool FCBase cardStandardCommon
59LIV5Andrew RobertsonLiverpool FCBase cardStandardCommon
60LIV6Trent Alexander-ArnoldLiverpool FCBase cardStandardCommon
61LIV7Joe GomezLiverpool FCBase cardStandardCommon
62LIV8Dejan LovrenLiverpool FCBase cardStandardCommon
63LIV9Virgil van DijkLiverpool FCBase cardStandardCommon
64LIV10Joël MatipLiverpool FCBase cardStandardCommon
65LIV11James MilnerLiverpool FCBase cardStandardCommon
66LIV12FabinhoLiverpool FCBase cardStandardCommon
67LIV13Naby KeïtaLiverpool FCBase cardStandardCommon
68LIV14Alex Oxlade-ChamberlainLiverpool FCBase cardStandardCommon
69LIV15Georginio WijnaldumLiverpool FCBase cardStandardCommon
70LIV16Roberto FirminoLiverpool FCBase cardStandardCommon
71LIV17Sadio ManéLiverpool FCBase cardStandardCommon
72LIV18Mohamed SalahLiverpool FCBase cardStandardCommon
73MCI1Team BadgeManchester City FCTeam BadgeStandardCommon
74MCI2FernandinhoManchester City FCClub HeroStandardCommon
75MCI3Phil FodenManchester City FCAll RounderStandardCommon
76MCI4EdersonManchester City FCBase cardStandardCommon
77MCI5Kyle WalkerManchester City FCBase cardStandardCommon
78MCI6John StonesManchester City FCBase cardStandardCommon
79MCI7Benjamin MendyManchester City FCBase cardStandardCommon
80MCI8Aymeric LaporteManchester City FCBase cardStandardCommon
81MCI9RodriManchester City FCBase cardStandardCommon
82MCI10İlkay GündoğanManchester City FCBase cardStandardCommon
83MCI11Kevin De BruyneManchester City FCBase cardStandardCommon
84MCI12Bernardo SilvaManchester City FCBase cardStandardCommon
85MCI13Riyad MahrezManchester City FCBase cardStandardCommon
86MCI14Gabriel JesusManchester City FCBase cardStandardCommon
87MCI15Sergio AgüeroManchester City FCBase cardStandardCommon
88MCI16Raheem SterlingManchester City FCBase cardStandardCommon
89MNU1Team BadgeManchester UnitedTeam BadgeStandardCommon
90MNU2Marcus RashfordManchester UnitedClub HeroStandardCommon
91MNU3Scott McTominayManchester UnitedAll RounderStandardCommon
92MNU4David de GeaManchester UnitedBase cardStandardCommon
93MNU5Victor LindelöfManchester UnitedBase cardStandardCommon
94MNU6Aaron Wan-BissakaManchester UnitedBase cardStandardCommon
95MNU7Luke ShawManchester UnitedBase cardStandardCommon
96MNU8Brandon WilliamsManchester UnitedBase cardStandardCommon
97MNU9Harry MaguireManchester UnitedBase cardStandardCommon
98MNU10FredManchester UnitedBase cardStandardCommon
99MNU11Paul PogbaManchester UnitedBase cardStandardCommon
100MNU12Andreas PereiraManchester UnitedBase cardStandardCommon