Puzzle Cards
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View, Download and print MATCH ATTAX CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2019/2020 checklist in PDF format.
You can choose between checklist with only card number or checklist with card number and card name.

JUV1, JUV2, JUV3, JUV4, JUV5, JUV6, JUV7, JUV8, JUV9, JUV10, JUV11, JUV12, JUV13, JUV14, JUV15, JUV16, JUV17, NAP1, NAP2, NAP3, NAP4, NAP5, NAP6, NAP7, NAP8, NAP9, NAP10, NAP11, NAP12, NAP13, NAP14, NAP15, NAP16, NAP17, INT1, INT2, INT3, INT4, INT5, INT6, INT7, INT8, INT9, INT10, INT11, INT12, INT13, INT14, INT15, INT16, INT17, ATA1, ATA2, ATA3, ATA4, ATA5, ATA6, ATA7, ATA8, ATA9, ATA10, ATA11, ATA12, ATA13, ATA14, ATA15, ATA16, ATA17, ROM1, ROM2, ROM3, ROM4, ROM5, ROM6, ROM7, ROM8, ROM9, ROM10, ROM11, ROM12, ROM13, LAZ1, LAZ2, LAZ3, LAZ4, LAZ5, LAZ6, LAZ7, LAZ8, LAZ9, LAZ10, LAZ11, LAZ12, LAZ13, TOR1, TOR2, TOR3, TOR4, TOR5, TOR6, TOR7, TOR8, TOR9, TOR10, TOR11, TOR12, BAR1, BAR2, BAR3, BAR4, BAR5, BAR6, BAR7, BAR8, BAR9, BAR10, BAR11, BAR12, ATL1, ATL2, ATL3, ATL4, ATL5, ATL6, ATL7, ATL8, ATL9, ATL10, ATL11, ATL12, REA1, REA2, REA3, REA4, REA5, REA6, REA7, REA8, REA9, REA10, REA11, REA12, VAL1, VAL2, VAL3, VAL4, VAL5, VAL6, VAL7, VAL8, VAL9, VAL10, VAL11, VAL12, BAY1, BAY2, BAY3, BAY4, BAY5, BAY6, BAY7, BAY8, BAY9, BAY10, BAY11, BAY12, DOR1, DOR2, DOR3, DOR4, DOR5, DOR6, DOR7, DOR8, DOR9, DOR10, DOR11, DOR12, LEI1, LEI2, LEI3, LEI4, LEI5, LEI6, LEI7, LEI8, LEI9, LEI10, LEI11, LEI12, LEV1, LEV2, LEV3, LEV4, LEV5, LEV6, LEV7, LEV8, LEV9, LEV10, LEV11, LEV12, MCY1, MCY2, MCY3, MCY4, MCY5, MCY6, MCY7, MCY8, MCY9, MCY10, MCY11, MCY12, LIV1, LIV2, LIV3, LIV4, LIV5, LIV6, LIV7, LIV8, LIV9, LIV10, LIV11, LIV12, CHE1, CHE2, CHE3, CHE4, CHE5, CHE6, CHE7, CHE8, CHE9, CHE10, CHE11, CHE12, TOT1, TOT2, TOT3, TOT4, TOT5, TOT6, TOT7, TOT8, TOT9, TOT10, TOT11, TOT12, PSG1, PSG2, PSG3, PSG4, PSG5, PSG6, PSG7, PSG8, PSG9, PSG10, PSG11, PSG12, LIL1, LIL2, LIL3, LIL4, LIL5, LIL6, LIL7, LIL8, LIL9, LIL10, LIL11, LIL12, BEN1, BEN2, BEN3, BEN4, BEN5, BEN6, BEN7, BEN8, BEN9, BEN10, BEN11, BEN12, GEN1, GEN2, GEN3, GEN4, GEN5, GEN6, GEN7, GEN8, GEN9, GEN10, GEN11, GEN12, T1, T2, T3, T4, CL1, CL2, CL3, CL4, M-ATA, M-ATL, M-BAR, M-BAY, M-BEN, M-CHE, M-DOR, M-INT, M-JUV, M-LAZ, M-LIV, M-MCY, M-NAP, M-PSG, M-REA, M-ROM, M-TOR, M-TOT, M-VAL, CLU1, CLU2, CLU3, CLU4, CLU5, CLU6, CLU7, CLU8, CLU9, CLU10, CLU11, C-ATA, C-ATL, C-BAR, C-BAY, C-BEN, C-CHE, C-DOR, C-INT, C-JUV, C-LAZ, C-LIV, C-MCY, C-NAP, C-PSG, C-REA, C-ROM, C-TOR, C-TOT, C-VAL, UCL1, UCL2, CEN1, CEN2, CEN3, CEN4, CEN5, CEN6, PP1, PP2, PP3, PP4, PP5, PP6, PP7, PP8, PP9, PP10, PP11, PP12, PP13, PP14, PP15, PP16, PP17, PP18, PP19, PP20, RH1, RH2, RH3, RH4, HH1, HH2, HH3, HH4, HH5, HH6, SS1, SS2, SS3, SS4, SS5, SS6, SS7, SS8, SS9, SS10, SS11, SS12, SS13, SS14, SS15, GCI1, GCI2, GCI3, GCI4, GCI5, GCI6, GCI7, GCI8, GCI9, GCI10, GCI11, GCI12, GCI13, GCI14, GCI15, SBI1, SBI2, SBI3, SBI4, SBI5, SBI6, SBI7, SBI8, SBI9, SBI10, SBI11, SBI12, SBI13, SBI14, SBI15, WCI1, WCI2, WCI3, WCI4, WCI5, WCI6, WCI7, WCI8, WCI9, WCI10, WCI11, WCI12, WCI13, WCI14, WCI15, WKI1, WKI2, WKI3, WKI4, WKI5, WKI6, WKI7, WKI8, WKI9, WKI10, WKI11, WKI12, WKI13, WKI14, WKI15, LE1, LE2, LE3, LE4, LE5, LE6, LE7, LE8, LE9, LE10, LE11, LE12, LE13, LE14, LEV13, LEV14, LEV15, LEV16, LIL13, LIL14, LIL15, LIL16, GEN13, GEN14, GEN15, GEN16, DOR13, DOR14, DOR15, DOR16, CHE13, CHE14, CHE15, CHE16, BEN13, BEN14, BEN15, BEN16, BAY13, BAY14, BAY15, BAY16, BAR13, BAR14, BAR15, BAR16, ATL13, ATL14, ATL15, ATL16, C-GEN, C-LEI, C-LEV, C-LIL
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#ImageCard NumberCard NameSectionSubsectionsCardtypeRarity
1JUV1Team badgeTeam badgeJuventusStandardCommon
2JUV2Wojciech SzczęsnyBase cardJuventusStandardCommon
3JUV3Alex SandroBase cardJuventusStandardCommon
4JUV4Matthijs De LigtBase cardJuventusStandardCommon
5JUV5Giorgio ChielliniBase cardJuventusStandardCommon
6JUV6DaniloBase cardJuventusStandardCommon
7JUV7Miralem PjanićBase cardJuventusStandardCommon
8JUV8Aaron RamseyBase cardJuventusStandardCommon
9JUV9Adrien RabiotBase cardJuventusStandardCommon
10JUV10Paulo DybalaBase cardJuventusStandardCommon
11JUV11Gonzalo HiguaínBase cardJuventusStandardCommon
12JUV12Cristiano RonaldoBase cardJuventusStandardCommon
13JUV13Blaise MatuidiBase cardJuventusStandardCommon
14JUV14Sami KhediraBase cardJuventusStandardCommon
15JUV15Federico BernardeschiBase cardJuventusStandardCommon
16JUV16Douglas CostaBase cardJuventusStandardCommon
17JUV17Leonardo BonucciBase cardJuventusStandardCommon
18NAP1Team badgeTeam badgeSSC NapoliStandardCommon
19NAP2Alex MeretBase cardSSC NapoliStandardCommon
20NAP3Kalidou KoulibalyBase cardSSC NapoliStandardCommon
21NAP4Elseid HysajBase cardSSC NapoliStandardCommon
22NAP5Kostas ManolasBase cardSSC NapoliStandardCommon
23NAP6AllanBase cardSSC NapoliStandardCommon
24NAP7Piotr ZielińskiBase cardSSC NapoliStandardCommon
25NAP8Hirving LozanoBase cardSSC NapoliStandardCommon
26NAP9José CallejónBase cardSSC NapoliStandardCommon
27NAP10Lorenzo InsigneBase cardSSC NapoliStandardCommon
28NAP11Dries MertensBase cardSSC NapoliStandardCommon
29NAP12Arkadiusz MilikBase cardSSC NapoliStandardCommon
30NAP13Mário RuiBase cardSSC NapoliStandardCommon
31NAP14Kévin MalcuitBase cardSSC NapoliStandardCommon
32NAP15Nikola MaksimovićBase cardSSC NapoliStandardCommon
33NAP16Fabián RuizBase cardSSC NapoliStandardCommon
34NAP17Giovanni Di LorenzoBase cardSSC NapoliStandardCommon
35INT1Team badgeTeam badgeFC Internazionale MilanoStandardCommon
36INT2Samir HandanovićBase cardFC Internazionale MilanoStandardCommon
37INT3Milan ŠkriniarBase cardFC Internazionale MilanoStandardCommon
38INT4Stefan de VrijBase cardFC Internazionale MilanoStandardCommon
39INT5Kwadwo AsamoahBase cardFC Internazionale MilanoStandardCommon
40INT6Danilo D'AmbrosioBase cardFC Internazionale MilanoStandardCommon
41INT7Diego GodínBase cardFC Internazionale MilanoStandardCommon
42INT8Marcelo BrozovićBase cardFC Internazionale MilanoStandardCommon
43INT9Matias VecinoBase cardFC Internazionale MilanoStandardCommon
44INT10Stefano SensiBase cardFC Internazionale MilanoStandardCommon
45INT11Valentino LazaroBase cardFC Internazionale MilanoStandardCommon
46INT12Romelu LukakuBase cardFC Internazionale MilanoStandardCommon
47INT13Lautaro MartínezBase cardFC Internazionale MilanoStandardCommon
48INT14Andrea RanocchiaBase cardFC Internazionale MilanoStandardCommon
49INT15Alexis SánchezBase cardFC Internazionale MilanoStandardCommon
50INT16Nicolò BarellaBase cardFC Internazionale MilanoStandardCommon
51INT17Matteo PolitanoBase cardFC Internazionale MilanoStandardCommon
52ATA1Team badgeTeam badgeAtalanta BCStandardCommon
53ATA2Pierluigi GolliniBase cardAtalanta BCStandardCommon
54ATA3Hans HateboerBase cardAtalanta BCStandardCommon
55ATA4José Luis PalominoBase cardAtalanta BCStandardCommon
56ATA5Rafael TolóiBase cardAtalanta BCStandardCommon
57ATA6Ruslan Malinovs'kyjBase cardAtalanta BCStandardCommon
58ATA7Marten de RoonBase cardAtalanta BCStandardCommon
59ATA8Remo FreulerBase cardAtalanta BCStandardCommon
60ATA9Josip IličičBase cardAtalanta BCStandardCommon
61ATA10Luis MurielBase cardAtalanta BCStandardCommon
62ATA11Alejandro GómezBase cardAtalanta BCStandardCommon
63ATA12Duván ZapataBase cardAtalanta BCStandardCommon
64ATA13Timothy CastagneBase cardAtalanta BCStandardCommon
65ATA14Robin GosensBase cardAtalanta BCStandardCommon
66ATA15Berat DjimsitiBase cardAtalanta BCStandardCommon
67ATA16Mario PašalićBase cardAtalanta BCStandardCommon
68ATA17Andrea MasielloBase cardAtalanta BCStandardCommon
69ROM1Team badgeTeam badgeAS RomaStandardCommon
70ROM2Pau LópezBase cardAS RomaStandardCommon
71ROM3Aleksandar KolarovBase cardAS RomaStandardCommon
72ROM4Gianluca ManciniBase cardAS RomaStandardCommon
73ROM5Chris SmallingBase cardAS RomaStandardCommon
74ROM6Henrikh MkhitaryanBase cardAS RomaStandardCommon
75ROM7Nicolò ZanioloBase cardAS RomaStandardCommon
76ROM8Jordan VeretoutBase cardAS RomaStandardCommon
77ROM9Alessandro FlorenziBase cardAS RomaStandardCommon
78ROM10Cengiz ÜnderBase cardAS RomaStandardCommon
79ROM11Justin KluivertBase cardAS RomaStandardCommon
80ROM12Edin DžekoBase cardAS RomaStandardCommon
81ROM13Diego PerottiBase cardAS RomaStandardCommon
82LAZ1Team badgeTeam badgeSS LazioStandardCommon
83LAZ2Thomas StrakoshaBase cardSS LazioStandardCommon
84LAZ3Francesco AcerbiBase cardSS LazioStandardCommon
85LAZ4Ștefan RaduBase cardSS LazioStandardCommon
86LAZ5Adam MarušićBase cardSS LazioStandardCommon
87LAZ6Joaquín CorreaBase cardSS LazioStandardCommon
88LAZ7Lucas LeivaBase cardSS LazioStandardCommon
89LAZ8Senad LulićBase cardSS LazioStandardCommon
90LAZ9Marco ParoloBase cardSS LazioStandardCommon
91LAZ10Luis AlbertoBase cardSS LazioStandardCommon
92LAZ11Sergej Milinković-SavićBase cardSS LazioStandardCommon
93LAZ12Felipe CaicedoBase cardSS LazioStandardCommon
94LAZ13Ciro ImmobileBase cardSS LazioStandardCommon
95TOR1Team badgeTeam badgeTorino FCStandardCommon
96TOR2Salvatore SiriguBase cardTorino FCStandardCommon
97TOR3Ola AinaBase cardTorino FCStandardCommon
98TOR4Christian AnsaldiBase cardTorino FCStandardCommon
99TOR5Koffi DjidjiBase cardTorino FCStandardCommon
100TOR6Armando IzzoBase cardTorino FCStandardCommon