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View, Download and print UEFA EURO2020 PREVIEW checklist in PDF format.
You can choose between checklist with only card number or checklist with card number and card name.

EUR1, EUR2, EUR3, EUR4, EUR5, EUR6, EUR7, EUR8, AUT1, AUT2, AUT3, AUT4, AUT5, AUT6, AUT7, AUT8, AUT9, AUT10, AUT11, AUT12, AUT13, AUT14, AUT15, AUT16, AUT17, AUT18, AUT19, AUT20, AUT21, AUT22, AUT23, AUT24, AUT25, AUT26, AUT27, AUT28, BEL1, BEL2, BEL3, BEL4, BEL5, BEL6, BEL7, BEL8, BEL9, BEL10, BEL11, BEL12, BEL13, BEL14, BEL15, BEL16, BEL17, BEL18, BEL19, BEL20, BEL21, BEL22, BEL23, BEL24, BEL25, BEL26, BEL27, BEL28, CRO1, CRO2, CRO3, CRO4, CRO5, CRO6, CRO7, CRO8, CRO9, CRO10, CRO11, CRO12, CRO13, CRO14, CRO15, CRO16, CRO17, CRO18, CRO19, CRO20, CRO21, CRO22, CRO23, CRO24, CRO25, CRO26, CRO27, CRO28, CZE1, CZE2, CZE3, CZE4, CZE5, CZE6, CZE7, CZE8, CZE9, CZE10, CZE11, CZE12, CZE13, CZE14, CZE15, CZE16, CZE17, CZE18, CZE19, CZE20, CZE21, CZE22, CZE23, CZE24, CZE25, CZE26, CZE27, CZE28, DEN1, DEN2, DEN3, DEN4, DEN5, DEN6, DEN7, DEN8, DEN9, DEN10, DEN11, DEN12, DEN13, DEN14, DEN15, DEN16, DEN17, DEN18, DEN19, DEN20, DEN21, DEN22, DEN23, DEN24, DEN25, DEN26, DEN27, DEN28, ENG1, ENG2, ENG3, ENG4, ENG5, ENG6, ENG7, ENG8, ENG9, ENG10, ENG11, ENG12, ENG13, ENG14, ENG15, ENG16, ENG17, ENG18, ENG19, ENG20, ENG21, ENG22, ENG23, ENG24, ENG25, ENG26, ENG27, ENG28, ESP1, ESP2, ESP3, ESP4, ESP5, ESP6, ESP7, ESP8, ESP9, ESP10, ESP11, ESP12, ESP13, ESP14, ESP15, ESP16, ESP17, ESP18, ESP19, ESP20, ESP21, ESP22, ESP23, ESP24, ESP25, ESP26, ESP27, ESP28, FIN1, FIN2, FIN3, FIN4, FIN5, FIN6, FIN7, FIN8, FIN9, FIN10, FIN11, FIN12, FIN13, FIN14, FIN15, FIN16, FIN17, FIN18, FIN19, FIN20, FIN21, FIN22, FIN23, FIN24, FIN25, FIN26, FIN27, FIN28, FRA1, FRA2, FRA3, FRA4, FRA5, FRA6, FRA7, FRA8, FRA9, FRA10, FRA11, FRA12, FRA13, FRA14, FRA15, FRA16, FRA17, FRA18, FRA19, FRA20, FRA21, FRA22, FRA23, FRA24, FRA25, FRA26, FRA27, FRA28, GER1, GER2, GER3, GER4, GER5, GER6, GER7, GER8, GER9, GER10, GER11, GER12, GER13, GER14, GER15, GER16, GER17, GER18, GER19, GER20, GER21, GER22, GER23, GER24, GER25, GER26, GER27, GER28, ITA1, ITA2, ITA3, ITA4, ITA5, ITA6, ITA7, ITA8, ITA9, ITA10, ITA11, ITA12, ITA13, ITA14, ITA15, ITA16, ITA17, ITA18, ITA19, ITA20, ITA21, ITA22, ITA23, ITA24, ITA25, ITA26, ITA27, ITA28, NED1, NED2, NED3, NED4, NED5, NED6, NED7, NED8, NED9, NED10, NED11, NED12, NED13, NED14, NED15, NED16, NED17, NED18, NED19, NED20, NED21, NED22, NED23, NED24, NED25, NED26, NED27, NED28, POL1, POL2, POL3, POL4, POL5, POL6, POL7, POL8, POL9, POL10, POL11, POL12, POL13, POL14, POL15, POL16, POL17, POL18, POL19, POL20, POL21, POL22, POL23, POL24, POL25, POL26, POL27, POL28, POR1, POR2, POR3, POR4, POR5, POR6, POR7, POR8, POR9, POR10, POR11, POR12, POR13, POR14, POR15, POR16, POR17, POR18, POR19, POR20, POR21, POR22, POR23, POR24, POR25, POR26, POR27, POR28, RUS1, RUS2, RUS3, RUS4, RUS5, RUS6, RUS7, RUS8, RUS9, RUS10, RUS11, RUS12, RUS13, RUS14, RUS15, RUS16, RUS17, RUS18, RUS19, RUS20, RUS21, RUS22, RUS23, RUS24, RUS25, RUS26, RUS27, RUS28, SUI1, SUI2, SUI3, SUI4, SUI5, SUI6, SUI7, SUI8, SUI9, SUI10, SUI11, SUI12, SUI13, SUI14, SUI15, SUI16, SUI17, SUI18, SUI19, SUI20, SUI21, SUI22, SUI23, SUI24, SUI25, SUI26, SUI27, SUI28, SWE1, SWE2, SWE3, SWE4, SWE5, SWE6, SWE7, SWE8, SWE9, SWE10, SWE11, SWE12, SWE13, SWE14, SWE15, SWE16, SWE17, SWE18, SWE19, SWE20, SWE21, SWE22, SWE23, SWE24, SWE25, SWE26, SWE27, SWE28, TUR1, TUR2, TUR3, TUR4, TUR5, TUR6, TUR7, TUR8, TUR9, TUR10, TUR11, TUR12, TUR13, TUR14, TUR15, TUR16, TUR17, TUR18, TUR19, TUR20, TUR21, TUR22, TUR23, TUR24, TUR25, TUR26, TUR27, TUR28, UKR1, UKR2, UKR3, UKR4, UKR5, UKR6, UKR7, UKR8, UKR9, UKR10, UKR11, UKR12, UKR13, UKR14, UKR15, UKR16, UKR17, UKR18, UKR19, UKR20, UKR21, UKR22, UKR23, UKR24, UKR25, UKR26, UKR27, UKR28, WAL1, WAL2, WAL3, WAL4, WAL5, WAL6, WAL7, WAL8, WAL9, WAL10, WAL11, WAL12, WAL13, WAL14, WAL15, WAL16, WAL17, WAL18, WAL19, WAL20, WAL21, WAL22, WAL23, WAL24, WAL25, WAL26, WAL27, WAL28, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7, C8, C9, C10, C11, C12, C13, C14
Showing 301-400 of 582 items.


#ImageCard NumberCard NameSectionCardtypeRarity
301ITA13Cristiano BiraghiItalyStandardCommon
302ITA14Francesco AcerbiItalyStandardCommon
303ITA15Gianluca ManciniItalyStandardCommon
304ITA16Alessandro FlorenziItalyStandardCommon
306ITA18Marco VerrattiItalyStandardCommon
308ITA20Nicolò BarellaItalyStandardCommon
309ITA21Sandro TonaliItalyStandardCommon
310ITA22Stefano SensiItalyStandardCommon
311ITA23Lorenzo PellegriniItalyStandardCommon
312ITA24Federico BernardeschiItalyStandardCommon
313ITA25Ciro ImmobileItalyStandardCommon
314ITA26Lorenzo InsigneItalyStandardCommon
315ITA27Andrea BelottiItalyStandardCommon
316ITA28Federico ChiesaItalyStandardCommon
322NED6Virgil van DijkNetherlandsStandardCommon
323NED7Jasper CillessenNetherlandsStandardCommon
324NED8Jeroen ZoetNetherlandsStandardCommon
325NED9Marco BizotNetherlandsStandardCommon
326NED10Nathan AkéNetherlandsStandardCommon
327NED11Daley BlindNetherlandsStandardCommon
328NED12Matthijs de LigtNetherlandsStandardCommon
329NED13Stefan de VrijNetherlandsStandardCommon
330NED14Denzel DumfriesNetherlandsStandardCommon
331NED15Joël VeltmanNetherlandsStandardCommon
332NED16Frenkie de JongNetherlandsStandardCommon
333NED17Marten de RoonNetherlandsStandardCommon
334NED18Kevin StrootmanNetherlandsStandardCommon
335NED19Donny van de BeekNetherlandsStandardCommon
336NED20Georginio WijnaldumNetherlandsStandardCommon
337NED21Davy PröpperNetherlandsStandardCommon
338NED22Steven BerghuisNetherlandsStandardCommon
339NED23Memphis DepayNetherlandsStandardCommon
340NED24Ryan BabelNetherlandsStandardCommon
341NED25Steven BergwijnNetherlandsStandardCommon
342NED26Luuk de JongNetherlandsStandardCommon
343NED27Donyell MalenNetherlandsStandardCommon
344NED28Quincy PromesNetherlandsStandardCommon
350POL6Robert LewandowskiPolandStandardCommon
351POL7Wojciech SzczęsnyPolandStandardCommon
352POL8Łukasz FabiańskiPolandStandardCommon
353POL9Łukasz SkorupskiPolandStandardCommon
354POL10Kamil GlikPolandStandardCommon
355POL11Maciej RybusPolandStandardCommon
356POL12Bartosz BereszyńskiPolandStandardCommon
357POL13Jan BednarekPolandStandardCommon
358POL14Tomasz KędzioraPolandStandardCommon
359POL15Arkadiusz RecaPolandStandardCommon
360POL16Michał PazdanPolandStandardCommon
361POL17Kamil GrosickiPolandStandardCommon
362POL18Grzegorz KrychowiakPolandStandardCommon
363POL19Piotr ZielińskiPolandStandardCommon
364POL20Mateusz KlichPolandStandardCommon
365POL21Jacek GóralskiPolandStandardCommon
366POL22Damian KądziorPolandStandardCommon
367POL23Przemysław FrankowskiPolandStandardCommon
368POL24Krystian BielikPolandStandardCommon
369POL25Sebastian SzymańskiPolandStandardCommon
370POL26Jakub BłaszczykowskiPolandStandardCommon
371POL27Arkadiusz MilikPolandStandardCommon
372POL28Krzysztof PiątekPolandStandardCommon
378POR6Cristiano RonaldoPortugalStandardCommon
379POR7Rui PatrícioPortugalStandardCommon
380POR8José SáPortugalStandardCommon
382POR10Ricardo PereiraPortugalStandardCommon
383POR11Mário RuiPortugalStandardCommon
384POR12João CanceloPortugalStandardCommon
386POR14Raphaël GuerreiroPortugalStandardCommon
387POR15Rúben DiasPortugalStandardCommon
388POR16José FontePortugalStandardCommon
389POR17João MoutinhoPortugalStandardCommon
390POR18Bernardo SilvaPortugalStandardCommon
391POR19Danilo PereiraPortugalStandardCommon
393POR21Rúben NevesPortugalStandardCommon
394POR22William CarvalhoPortugalStandardCommon
395POR23Bruno FernandesPortugalStandardCommon
396POR24Rafa SilvaPortugalStandardCommon
397POR25Diogo JotaPortugalStandardCommon
398POR26João FélixPortugalStandardCommon
399POR27André SilvaPortugalStandardCommon
400POR28Gonçalo GuedesPortugalStandardCommon