Puzzle Cards
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View, Download and print UEFA EURO2020 PREVIEW checklist in PDF format.
You can choose between checklist with only card number or checklist with card number and card name.

EUR1, EUR2, EUR3, EUR4, EUR5, EUR6, EUR7, EUR8, AUT1, AUT2, AUT3, AUT4, AUT5, AUT6, AUT7, AUT8, AUT9, AUT10, AUT11, AUT12, AUT13, AUT14, AUT15, AUT16, AUT17, AUT18, AUT19, AUT20, AUT21, AUT22, AUT23, AUT24, AUT25, AUT26, AUT27, AUT28, BEL1, BEL2, BEL3, BEL4, BEL5, BEL6, BEL7, BEL8, BEL9, BEL10, BEL11, BEL12, BEL13, BEL14, BEL15, BEL16, BEL17, BEL18, BEL19, BEL20, BEL21, BEL22, BEL23, BEL24, BEL25, BEL26, BEL27, BEL28, CRO1, CRO2, CRO3, CRO4, CRO5, CRO6, CRO7, CRO8, CRO9, CRO10, CRO11, CRO12, CRO13, CRO14, CRO15, CRO16, CRO17, CRO18, CRO19, CRO20, CRO21, CRO22, CRO23, CRO24, CRO25, CRO26, CRO27, CRO28, CZE1, CZE2, CZE3, CZE4, CZE5, CZE6, CZE7, CZE8, CZE9, CZE10, CZE11, CZE12, CZE13, CZE14, CZE15, CZE16, CZE17, CZE18, CZE19, CZE20, CZE21, CZE22, CZE23, CZE24, CZE25, CZE26, CZE27, CZE28, DEN1, DEN2, DEN3, DEN4, DEN5, DEN6, DEN7, DEN8, DEN9, DEN10, DEN11, DEN12, DEN13, DEN14, DEN15, DEN16, DEN17, DEN18, DEN19, DEN20, DEN21, DEN22, DEN23, DEN24, DEN25, DEN26, DEN27, DEN28, ENG1, ENG2, ENG3, ENG4, ENG5, ENG6, ENG7, ENG8, ENG9, ENG10, ENG11, ENG12, ENG13, ENG14, ENG15, ENG16, ENG17, ENG18, ENG19, ENG20, ENG21, ENG22, ENG23, ENG24, ENG25, ENG26, ENG27, ENG28, ESP1, ESP2, ESP3, ESP4, ESP5, ESP6, ESP7, ESP8, ESP9, ESP10, ESP11, ESP12, ESP13, ESP14, ESP15, ESP16, ESP17, ESP18, ESP19, ESP20, ESP21, ESP22, ESP23, ESP24, ESP25, ESP26, ESP27, ESP28, FIN1, FIN2, FIN3, FIN4, FIN5, FIN6, FIN7, FIN8, FIN9, FIN10, FIN11, FIN12, FIN13, FIN14, FIN15, FIN16, FIN17, FIN18, FIN19, FIN20, FIN21, FIN22, FIN23, FIN24, FIN25, FIN26, FIN27, FIN28, FRA1, FRA2, FRA3, FRA4, FRA5, FRA6, FRA7, FRA8, FRA9, FRA10, FRA11, FRA12, FRA13, FRA14, FRA15, FRA16, FRA17, FRA18, FRA19, FRA20, FRA21, FRA22, FRA23, FRA24, FRA25, FRA26, FRA27, FRA28, GER1, GER2, GER3, GER4, GER5, GER6, GER7, GER8, GER9, GER10, GER11, GER12, GER13, GER14, GER15, GER16, GER17, GER18, GER19, GER20, GER21, GER22, GER23, GER24, GER25, GER26, GER27, GER28, ITA1, ITA2, ITA3, ITA4, ITA5, ITA6, ITA7, ITA8, ITA9, ITA10, ITA11, ITA12, ITA13, ITA14, ITA15, ITA16, ITA17, ITA18, ITA19, ITA20, ITA21, ITA22, ITA23, ITA24, ITA25, ITA26, ITA27, ITA28, NED1, NED2, NED3, NED4, NED5, NED6, NED7, NED8, NED9, NED10, NED11, NED12, NED13, NED14, NED15, NED16, NED17, NED18, NED19, NED20, NED21, NED22, NED23, NED24, NED25, NED26, NED27, NED28, POL1, POL2, POL3, POL4, POL5, POL6, POL7, POL8, POL9, POL10, POL11, POL12, POL13, POL14, POL15, POL16, POL17, POL18, POL19, POL20, POL21, POL22, POL23, POL24, POL25, POL26, POL27, POL28, POR1, POR2, POR3, POR4, POR5, POR6, POR7, POR8, POR9, POR10, POR11, POR12, POR13, POR14, POR15, POR16, POR17, POR18, POR19, POR20, POR21, POR22, POR23, POR24, POR25, POR26, POR27, POR28, RUS1, RUS2, RUS3, RUS4, RUS5, RUS6, RUS7, RUS8, RUS9, RUS10, RUS11, RUS12, RUS13, RUS14, RUS15, RUS16, RUS17, RUS18, RUS19, RUS20, RUS21, RUS22, RUS23, RUS24, RUS25, RUS26, RUS27, RUS28, SUI1, SUI2, SUI3, SUI4, SUI5, SUI6, SUI7, SUI8, SUI9, SUI10, SUI11, SUI12, SUI13, SUI14, SUI15, SUI16, SUI17, SUI18, SUI19, SUI20, SUI21, SUI22, SUI23, SUI24, SUI25, SUI26, SUI27, SUI28, SWE1, SWE2, SWE3, SWE4, SWE5, SWE6, SWE7, SWE8, SWE9, SWE10, SWE11, SWE12, SWE13, SWE14, SWE15, SWE16, SWE17, SWE18, SWE19, SWE20, SWE21, SWE22, SWE23, SWE24, SWE25, SWE26, SWE27, SWE28, TUR1, TUR2, TUR3, TUR4, TUR5, TUR6, TUR7, TUR8, TUR9, TUR10, TUR11, TUR12, TUR13, TUR14, TUR15, TUR16, TUR17, TUR18, TUR19, TUR20, TUR21, TUR22, TUR23, TUR24, TUR25, TUR26, TUR27, TUR28, UKR1, UKR2, UKR3, UKR4, UKR5, UKR6, UKR7, UKR8, UKR9, UKR10, UKR11, UKR12, UKR13, UKR14, UKR15, UKR16, UKR17, UKR18, UKR19, UKR20, UKR21, UKR22, UKR23, UKR24, UKR25, UKR26, UKR27, UKR28, WAL1, WAL2, WAL3, WAL4, WAL5, WAL6, WAL7, WAL8, WAL9, WAL10, WAL11, WAL12, WAL13, WAL14, WAL15, WAL16, WAL17, WAL18, WAL19, WAL20, WAL21, WAL22, WAL23, WAL24, WAL25, WAL26, WAL27, WAL28, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7, C8, C9, C10, C11, C12, C13, C14
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#ImageCard NumberCard NameSectionCardtypeRarity
2AUT10David AlabaAustriaStandardCommon
3AUT11Aleksandar DragovicAustriaStandardCommon
4AUT12Martin HintereggerAustriaStandardCommon
5AUT13Stefan LainerAustriaStandardCommon
6AUT14Andreas UlmerAustriaStandardCommon
7AUT15Stefan PoschAustriaStandardCommon
8AUT16Maximilian WöberAustriaStandardCommon
9AUT17Florian GrillitschAustriaStandardCommon
10AUT18Stefan IlsankerAustriaStandardCommon
11AUT19Konrad LaimerAustriaStandardCommon
13AUT20Valentino LazaroAustriaStandardCommon
14AUT21Marcel SabitzerAustriaStandardCommon
15AUT22Louis SchaubAustriaStandardCommon
16AUT23Xaver SchlagerAustriaStandardCommon
17AUT24Peter ŽuljAustriaStandardCommon
18AUT25Florian KainzAustriaStandardCommon
19AUT26Marko ArnautovicAustriaStandardCommon
20AUT27Michael GregoritschAustriaStandardCommon
21AUT28Karim OnisiwoAustriaStandardCommon
25AUT6Julian BaumgartlingerAustriaStandardCommon
26AUT7Heinz LindnerAustriaStandardCommon
27AUT8Cican StankovicAustriaStandardCommon
28AUT9Alexander SchlagerAustriaStandardCommon
30BEL10Toby AlderweireldBelgiumStandardCommon
31BEL11Dedryck BoyataBelgiumStandardCommon
32BEL12Timothy CastagneBelgiumStandardCommon
33BEL13Thomas MeunierBelgiumStandardCommon
34BEL14Thomas VermaelenBelgiumStandardCommon
35BEL15Jan VertonghenBelgiumStandardCommon
36BEL16Jason DenayerBelgiumStandardCommon
37BEL17Vincent KompanyBelgiumStandardCommon
38BEL18Nacer ChadliBelgiumStandardCommon
39BEL19Leander DendonckerBelgiumStandardCommon
41BEL20Dennis PraetBelgiumStandardCommon
42BEL21Youri TielemansBelgiumStandardCommon
43BEL22Axel WitselBelgiumStandardCommon
44BEL23Kevin De BruyneBelgiumStandardCommon
45BEL24Yannick CarrascoBelgiumStandardCommon
46BEL25Michy BatshuayiBelgiumStandardCommon
47BEL26Thorgan HazardBelgiumStandardCommon
48BEL27Romelu LukakuBelgiumStandardCommon
49BEL28Dries MertensBelgiumStandardCommon
53BEL6Eden HazardBelgiumStandardCommon
54BEL7Thibaut CourtoisBelgiumStandardCommon
55BEL8Simon MignoletBelgiumStandardCommon
56BEL9Matz SelsBelgiumStandardCommon
57C1Romelu LukakuCoca Cola (Switzerland)StandardCommon
58C10Robert LewandowskiCoca Cola (Switzerland)StandardCommon
59C11Denis CheryshevCoca Cola (Switzerland)StandardCommon
60C12Paul PogbaCoca Cola (Switzerland)StandardCommon
61C13David de GeaCoca Cola (Switzerland)StandardCommon
62C14David AlabaCoca Cola (Switzerland)StandardCommon
63C2Mateo KovačićCoca Cola (Switzerland)StandardCommon
64C3Ivan RakitićCoca Cola (Switzerland)StandardCommon
65C4Xherdan ShaqiriCoca Cola (Switzerland)StandardCommon
66C5Antoine GriezmannCoca Cola (Switzerland)StandardCommon
67C6Niklas SüleCoca Cola (Switzerland)StandardCommon
68C7Edin DžekoCoca Cola (Switzerland)StandardCommon
69C8Sergio RamosCoca Cola (Switzerland)StandardCommon
70C9Andrea BelottiCoca Cola (Switzerland)StandardCommon
72CRO10Duje Ćaleta-CarCroatiaStandardCommon
73CRO11Tin JedvajCroatiaStandardCommon
74CRO12Dejan LovrenCroatiaStandardCommon
75CRO13Domagoj VidaCroatiaStandardCommon
76CRO14Borna BarišićCroatiaStandardCommon
77CRO15Karlo BartolecCroatiaStandardCommon
78CRO16Dario MelnjakCroatiaStandardCommon
79CRO17Milan BadeljCroatiaStandardCommon
80CRO18Marcelo BrozovićCroatiaStandardCommon
81CRO19Mateo KovačićCroatiaStandardCommon
83CRO20Ivan RakitićCroatiaStandardCommon
84CRO21Nikola VlašićCroatiaStandardCommon
85CRO22Mario PašalićCroatiaStandardCommon
86CRO23Andrej KramarićCroatiaStandardCommon
87CRO24Ivan PerišićCroatiaStandardCommon
88CRO25Ante RebićCroatiaStandardCommon
89CRO26Bruno PetkovićCroatiaStandardCommon
90CRO27Josip BrekaloCroatiaStandardCommon
91CRO28Mislav OršićCroatiaStandardCommon
95CRO6Luka ModrićCroatiaStandardCommon
96CRO7Dominik LivakovićCroatiaStandardCommon
97CRO8Lovre KalinićCroatiaStandardCommon
98CRO9Simon SlugaCroatiaStandardCommon
99CZE1LogoCzech RepublicStandardCommon
100CZE10Pavel KadeřábekCzech RepublicStandardCommon