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View, Download and print UEFA EURO2020 PREVIEW checklist in PDF format.
You can choose between checklist with only card number or checklist with card number and card name.

EUR1, EUR2, EUR3, EUR4, EUR5, EUR6, EUR7, EUR8, AUT1, AUT2, AUT3, AUT4, AUT5, AUT6, AUT7, AUT8, AUT9, AUT10, AUT11, AUT12, AUT13, AUT14, AUT15, AUT16, AUT17, AUT18, AUT19, AUT20, AUT21, AUT22, AUT23, AUT24, AUT25, AUT26, AUT27, AUT28, BEL1, BEL2, BEL3, BEL4, BEL5, BEL6, BEL7, BEL8, BEL9, BEL10, BEL11, BEL12, BEL13, BEL14, BEL15, BEL16, BEL17, BEL18, BEL19, BEL20, BEL21, BEL22, BEL23, BEL24, BEL25, BEL26, BEL27, BEL28, CRO1, CRO2, CRO3, CRO4, CRO5, CRO6, CRO7, CRO8, CRO9, CRO10, CRO11, CRO12, CRO13, CRO14, CRO15, CRO16, CRO17, CRO18, CRO19, CRO20, CRO21, CRO22, CRO23, CRO24, CRO25, CRO26, CRO27, CRO28, CZE1, CZE2, CZE3, CZE4, CZE5, CZE6, CZE7, CZE8, CZE9, CZE10, CZE11, CZE12, CZE13, CZE14, CZE15, CZE16, CZE17, CZE18, CZE19, CZE20, CZE21, CZE22, CZE23, CZE24, CZE25, CZE26, CZE27, CZE28, DEN1, DEN2, DEN3, DEN4, DEN5, DEN6, DEN7, DEN8, DEN9, DEN10, DEN11, DEN12, DEN13, DEN14, DEN15, DEN16, DEN17, DEN18, DEN19, DEN20, DEN21, DEN22, DEN23, DEN24, DEN25, DEN26, DEN27, DEN28, ENG1, ENG2, ENG3, ENG4, ENG5, ENG6, ENG7, ENG8, ENG9, ENG10, ENG11, ENG12, ENG13, ENG14, ENG15, ENG16, ENG17, ENG18, ENG19, ENG20, ENG21, ENG22, ENG23, ENG24, ENG25, ENG26, ENG27, ENG28, ESP1, ESP2, ESP3, ESP4, ESP5, ESP6, ESP7, ESP8, ESP9, ESP10, ESP11, ESP12, ESP13, ESP14, ESP15, ESP16, ESP17, ESP18, ESP19, ESP20, ESP21, ESP22, ESP23, ESP24, ESP25, ESP26, ESP27, ESP28, FIN1, FIN2, FIN3, FIN4, FIN5, FIN6, FIN7, FIN8, FIN9, FIN10, FIN11, FIN12, FIN13, FIN14, FIN15, FIN16, FIN17, FIN18, FIN19, FIN20, FIN21, FIN22, FIN23, FIN24, FIN25, FIN26, FIN27, FIN28, FRA1, FRA2, FRA3, FRA4, FRA5, FRA6, FRA7, FRA8, FRA9, FRA10, FRA11, FRA12, FRA13, FRA14, FRA15, FRA16, FRA17, FRA18, FRA19, FRA20, FRA21, FRA22, FRA23, FRA24, FRA25, FRA26, FRA27, FRA28, GER1, GER2, GER3, GER4, GER5, GER6, GER7, GER8, GER9, GER10, GER11, GER12, GER13, GER14, GER15, GER16, GER17, GER18, GER19, GER20, GER21, GER22, GER23, GER24, GER25, GER26, GER27, GER28, ITA1, ITA2, ITA3, ITA4, ITA5, ITA6, ITA7, ITA8, ITA9, ITA10, ITA11, ITA12, ITA13, ITA14, ITA15, ITA16, ITA17, ITA18, ITA19, ITA20, ITA21, ITA22, ITA23, ITA24, ITA25, ITA26, ITA27, ITA28, NED1, NED2, NED3, NED4, NED5, NED6, NED7, NED8, NED9, NED10, NED11, NED12, NED13, NED14, NED15, NED16, NED17, NED18, NED19, NED20, NED21, NED22, NED23, NED24, NED25, NED26, NED27, NED28, POL1, POL2, POL3, POL4, POL5, POL6, POL7, POL8, POL9, POL10, POL11, POL12, POL13, POL14, POL15, POL16, POL17, POL18, POL19, POL20, POL21, POL22, POL23, POL24, POL25, POL26, POL27, POL28, POR1, POR2, POR3, POR4, POR5, POR6, POR7, POR8, POR9, POR10, POR11, POR12, POR13, POR14, POR15, POR16, POR17, POR18, POR19, POR20, POR21, POR22, POR23, POR24, POR25, POR26, POR27, POR28, RUS1, RUS2, RUS3, RUS4, RUS5, RUS6, RUS7, RUS8, RUS9, RUS10, RUS11, RUS12, RUS13, RUS14, RUS15, RUS16, RUS17, RUS18, RUS19, RUS20, RUS21, RUS22, RUS23, RUS24, RUS25, RUS26, RUS27, RUS28, SUI1, SUI2, SUI3, SUI4, SUI5, SUI6, SUI7, SUI8, SUI9, SUI10, SUI11, SUI12, SUI13, SUI14, SUI15, SUI16, SUI17, SUI18, SUI19, SUI20, SUI21, SUI22, SUI23, SUI24, SUI25, SUI26, SUI27, SUI28, SWE1, SWE2, SWE3, SWE4, SWE5, SWE6, SWE7, SWE8, SWE9, SWE10, SWE11, SWE12, SWE13, SWE14, SWE15, SWE16, SWE17, SWE18, SWE19, SWE20, SWE21, SWE22, SWE23, SWE24, SWE25, SWE26, SWE27, SWE28, TUR1, TUR2, TUR3, TUR4, TUR5, TUR6, TUR7, TUR8, TUR9, TUR10, TUR11, TUR12, TUR13, TUR14, TUR15, TUR16, TUR17, TUR18, TUR19, TUR20, TUR21, TUR22, TUR23, TUR24, TUR25, TUR26, TUR27, TUR28, UKR1, UKR2, UKR3, UKR4, UKR5, UKR6, UKR7, UKR8, UKR9, UKR10, UKR11, UKR12, UKR13, UKR14, UKR15, UKR16, UKR17, UKR18, UKR19, UKR20, UKR21, UKR22, UKR23, UKR24, UKR25, UKR26, UKR27, UKR28, WAL1, WAL2, WAL3, WAL4, WAL5, WAL6, WAL7, WAL8, WAL9, WAL10, WAL11, WAL12, WAL13, WAL14, WAL15, WAL16, WAL17, WAL18, WAL19, WAL20, WAL21, WAL22, WAL23, WAL24, WAL25, WAL26, WAL27, WAL28, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7, C8, C9, C10, C11, C12, C13, C14
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#ImageCard NumberCard NameSectionCardtypeRarity
1POL21Jacek GóralskiPolandStandardCommon
2POR12João CanceloPortugalStandardCommon
4POR14Raphaël GuerreiroPortugalStandardCommon
5POR15Rúben DiasPortugalStandardCommon
6POR16José FontePortugalStandardCommon
7POR17João MoutinhoPortugalStandardCommon
8POR18Bernardo SilvaPortugalStandardCommon
9POR19Danilo PereiraPortugalStandardCommon
11POR21Rúben NevesPortugalStandardCommon
12POR22William CarvalhoPortugalStandardCommon
13POR23Bruno FernandesPortugalStandardCommon
14POR24Rafa SilvaPortugalStandardCommon
15POR25Diogo JotaPortugalStandardCommon
16POR26João FélixPortugalStandardCommon
17POR27André SilvaPortugalStandardCommon
18POR11Mário RuiPortugalStandardCommon
19POR10Ricardo PereiraPortugalStandardCommon
20POL22Damian KądziorPolandStandardCommon
21POL23Przemysław FrankowskiPolandStandardCommon
22POL24Krystian BielikPolandStandardCommon
23POL25Sebastian SzymańskiPolandStandardCommon
24POL26Jakub BłaszczykowskiPolandStandardCommon
25POL27Arkadiusz MilikPolandStandardCommon
26POL28Krzysztof PiątekPolandStandardCommon
32POR6Cristiano RonaldoPortugalStandardCommon
33POR7Rui PatrícioPortugalStandardCommon
34POR8José SáPortugalStandardCommon
36POR28Gonçalo GuedesPortugalStandardCommon
38RUS20Daler KuzyaevRussiaStandardCommon
39RUS21Magomed OzdoevRussiaStandardCommon
40RUS22Ilzat AkhmetovRussiaStandardCommon
41RUS23Dmitri BarinovRussiaStandardCommon
42RUS24Roman ZobninRussiaStandardCommon
43RUS25Anton MiranchukRussiaStandardCommon
44RUS26Aleksei MiranchukRussiaStandardCommon
45RUS27Zelimkhan BakaevRussiaStandardCommon
46RUS28Fedor SmolovRussiaStandardCommon
52SUI6Stephan LichtsteinerSwitzerlandStandardCommon
53SUI7Yann SommerSwitzerlandStandardCommon
54RUS19Aleksei IonovRussiaStandardCommon
55RUS18Denis CheryshevRussiaStandardCommon
60RUS6Artem DzyubaRussiaStandardCommon
62RUS8Andrei LunevRussiaStandardCommon
63RUS9Anton ShuninRussiaStandardCommon
64RUS10Fedor KudryashovRussiaStandardCommon
65RUS11Mário FernandesRussiaStandardCommon
66RUS12Georgi DzhikiyaRussiaStandardCommon
67RUS13Andrei SemenovRussiaStandardCommon
68RUS14Sergei PetrovRussiaStandardCommon
69RUS15Vyacheslav KaravaevRussiaStandardCommon
70RUS16Yuri ZhirkovRussiaStandardCommon
71RUS17Aleksandr GolovinRussiaStandardCommon
72SUI8Yvon MvogoSwitzerlandStandardCommon
73POL20Mateusz KlichPolandStandardCommon
75ITA23Lorenzo PellegriniItalyStandardCommon
76ITA24Federico BernardeschiItalyStandardCommon
77ITA25Ciro ImmobileItalyStandardCommon
78ITA26Lorenzo InsigneItalyStandardCommon
79ITA27Andrea BelottiItalyStandardCommon
80ITA28Federico ChiesaItalyStandardCommon
86NED6Virgil van DijkNetherlandsStandardCommon
87NED7Jasper CillessenNetherlandsStandardCommon
88NED8Jeroen ZoetNetherlandsStandardCommon
89NED9Marco BizotNetherlandsStandardCommon
90NED10Nathan AkéNetherlandsStandardCommon
91ITA22Stefano SensiItalyStandardCommon
92ITA21Sandro TonaliItalyStandardCommon
94ITA6Giorgio ChielliniItalyStandardCommon
95ITA7Gianluigi DonnarummaItalyStandardCommon
96ITA8Salvatore SiriguItalyStandardCommon
97ITA9Pierluigi GolliniItalyStandardCommon
98ITA10Leonardo BonucciItalyStandardCommon
99ITA11Alessio RomagnoliItalyStandardCommon
100ITA12Leonardo SpinazzolaItalyStandardCommon