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How Add Album Checklist:

  • 1. What: An album Checklist is the list of all cards of the Album. It includes also special cards.
  • 1. Where: From Album click the corrisponding eye icon to view Album's details. Click "Album Checklist" and then "Insert"
  • 2. How: The Album Checklist should be created in a MS Excel format (.xls or .xlsx). Other format will not be accepted.

    A B C D
    1 card_number card_name section_name subsection_name
    2 414 Francesco Totti Serie A TIM Roma

    Before Insert

    Important, the checklist file must have the same format shown above and in the first row you have to copy these exact labels.

  • 2. When: You can upload an Album Checklist only when Album is approved. We will send you a confirmation email when your checklist is approved or rejected.
  • 3. Why: You will help us continue to grow and your name could be written on our Walk Of Fame

Most popular questions

Leave column empty.

If there isn't a value for a particular card (e.g. no card name, no section) no special character are needed.

Simply leave the cell blank.

Card number cannot be blank.

If you follow instructions shown above your submitted Album Checklist will be approved.

It will be rejected if you insert maliciuos code, content manifestly wrong, jokes..