Stickers and Cards Types

Publishers enrich their collections by entering in addition special stickers.

There are no standard formats for the figurines ( eg s , m , l .. ) associated with shared dimensions. Each publisher produces the stickers of each collection of the size they prefer.

Here they are various types of stickers:

  • 1. Standard sticker: Self-adhesive plastic-coated paper of varying sizes

  • 2. Die-cut: stickers in which the part that has to be attached to the album has a non-standard shape usually it follows the contour of the character or portrait object. In a same sticker may appear one or more shaped subjects.

  • 3. Holographic: the stickers have three-dimensional images, and in particular stereoscopic, or that appear with different perspectives, depending on the point of observation.

  • 4. Metallic: sticker printed on metallic paper. Usually metallic background image that seems iridescent. Depending on the pattern chosen stippled, gingham, stripes etc. when illuminated the figure and based on the angle of observation will create different color effects.

  • 5. Glitter: they are applied colored glitter in relief. The figure then looks rough to the touch but evocative visual effect .

  • 6. Fabric sticker: They are part of this category stickers made in satin, classic fabric used to make the sticker smooth to the touch. One example is the classic sticker of the Players' jersey. The satin while also having the smooth coated fabric used to make the fur effect as such in Pelosine stickers

  • 7. Glow in the Dark: Stickers that glow in the dark

  • 8. Clear: Sometimes a clear sticker is also Die-cut (see n.2)

  • 9. Scented: Scented Stickers
  • 10. Double sided: Stickers printed on both sides as for example the Doppiolotti Album Friends cucciolotti . To enjoy the special feature of these figurines, are attached in transparent surfaces , transparent plastic scrapbook pages or windows.

They may not necessarily belong to a collection of self-adhesive stickers album also even trading cards and 3D characters. You could find there names listed in the Type column of the collection Checklist .

  • 11. Trading card: Playing card. The trading card or stationery collection is usually made ​​of cardboard and plastic generally contains the image of a character ( real or imagined ), a place or an object, a brief description associated with other information. Unlike stickers, a trading card is not sticky. The trading cards are collected in binder in plastic pages with pockets or in boxes or boxes usually metal .

  • 12. Lamincard: The lamincards are special trading cards printed on transparent PET ( Initially PVC ) through a technique very similar to offset printing , the sole patent is held by Edibas Collections B.V. This technique allows , for the first time , to have the printed card on both sides with the shaped characters on transparent laminate or with only parts completely transparent or colored translucent ( for example colored backgrounds but transparent and opaque characters )

  • 13. 3D: 3D characters are miniatures gaming and collection of characters and objects .