Create Lists

  • 1. What: For each Album you can create your:

    Need List
    All cards that you want a user give it to you.
    Spare List
    All cards that you want to give to another user.

  • 2. Where: My Lists
  • 3. How:


    Between card numbers use the divider space or comma. You may enter several identical numbers. Example: 2, 2, 2, 5, XXL-20, 8

    Lists should countains only card or stickers numbers. Usually card number is written on card back.

    View the Album Checklist to check your stickers number. Click Album, view and then press the green button Checklist.

    Letters or cards numbers that are not in the checklist will be automatically removed.

  • 4. When:

    Ready To Swap

    When you are not ready to swap (e.g. vacation period..) please set Ready To Swap to "No" on My Profile

If you want to

Delete a List : My > My Lists in the Actions column click and then the red button Delete.

Update a list: My > My Lists in the Actions column click and then the blu button Update

Find Swaps: My > My Lists in the Actions column click Find Swaps.

Most popular questions

It is possible that you could see a sticker album collection in Albums but that you can't find it in Create List > Album dropdown list.

That's because that album hasn't an approved checklist. Please help us to grow, and submit the checklist for that album by yourself.

If you have your lists save in columns of a spreadsheet document such as Excel, you could simply copy and paste your list in each textarea. Comma will be added automatically.

To modify your list, click the pencil icon in Actions column.