Glossary for stickers' collectors

In a blister you'll find the album and a few packets of stickers. Normally the album and the stickers are placed in a bag of cellophane that is attached to an advertising card with the most relevant information about the collection.

The blister is cheaper than the album and the same number of packets purchased separately.

If you need to start a new collection so ask for a blister. Don't wait too long: the blister are normally available only when the collection is published. If you wait too much, you'll find only the full-price albums .

Usually the blister is published in Italy by Panini. Other manufacturers prefer the Starter Pack.

blister front
blister back

As for the Blister, in a Starter Pack you'll find the album and a few packets of stickers.

The Starter Pack is cheaper than the album and the same number of packets purchased separately.

In a Starter Pack album and packets are both in the same plastic bag.

Starter Pack Star Wars

A box contains packets of stickers.

Normally a box contains 50 packets but there are boxes that contains a lower and box that contains an higher number of packets.

A box normally isn't cheaper than the same number of packets purchased outside the box.

Cost effectivenes is on spare stickers. Normally (Panini excluded) in a box you'll find all the stickers that leave your albums complete. You can buy the box in normal newsagent's shop of your city , or buy Box on Amazon

box stickers calciatori
box stickers frozen

It's a collection box which usually contains a gadget (for example stickers, trading cards or special cards) that cannot be purchased separately and are sold exclusively inside the Collector Box.

In the video below we unbox the Collector Box Calciatori Panini 2015-2016 exclusively sold on Amazon. This Collector Box consists of 60 packets ( 10 of which are free) + 1 Album with 6 stickers + 1 special Maxi Card limited edition Amazon.

Some sticker album such as the album "Tex the hero of the West" are Paperback Album.

The paperback is a binding type usually adopted for albums that exceed 2-3 mm in total thickness. That rope is obtained by pasting the album back a cardboard cover and then trimming on three sides .

In the case of the aforementioned collection, the paperback was necessary as the album contains within it some plastic pages with pockets for containing the cards that are part of the collection.

Paperback Album detail
Paperback Album inside

Some sticker album have the cover in thick cardboard plasticized not simple cardboard. The hard cover makes it a durable and high-quality album.

We find the hardcover as the only cover available for the collection such as for albums Ali Aliper or as a parallel edition of the same collection, mainly dedicated to collectors, such as for the collection "TEX Hero of the West"

Album Ali Aliper Il Corpo Umano Sport e Movimento
Album Ali Aliper Il Corpo Umano Sport e Movimento

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An act or instance of removing a newly purchased product from its packaging and examining its features, typically when filmed and shared on a social media site.

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