• 1. What:
    Feedback Rating
    Represents a person's permanent reputation on CeLoMiManca.
  • 2. Where: You can see your Feedback Rating in My Profile
  • 3. How:

    Go to My Swap Requests find the swap request and click the corrisponding star icon .

    Not Positive Feedback

    Contact your other user and try to resolve any issues before leaving neutral or negative feedback. To contact other user select your swap request then click "Update" and write your text on Message field.

  • 4. When: After your swap is Accepted from other user, you may leave a Feedback on other user and other user may leave a feeback on you.
  • 5. Why: Other members may benefit from your experience.

Sample Feedback

Each Star is Important!

It is the Average (arithmetic mean) Feedback Rating.

Feedback Star Rating Meaning Sample Feedback Comment
Bad swap He doesn't send me anything and refuse to answer to my message.
Ok but.. He sent me other cards than those agreed
Good Slow shipping but he sent me all as agreed.
Very Good All goes right.
Extremely Good Really very fast shipping, accurate, timely. Really recommended to swap with.

Most popular questions

If you received a Feedback comment that contains profane, vulgar, obscene, or racist language please Report Us.

Once you give a Feedback you cannot change it.

After you gave your feedback to other user, your Swap Request automatically moved on Archive tab of My Swap Requests.