Swap Premium

  • 1. What: Become a Premium user: we will find someone you could swap with, also beetween different Album.

    Free Swap
    same album swap i.e. we find a user which has your need cards and who need your spare cards for the same Album A.
    Premium Swap
    different Album swap, we find all cards or stickers you swap with the same user also from different collections (Album)
  • 2. Why: Even though this site is free, there is a way to gain a complete swap experience, lend a hand to the developer and show your support.
  • 3. Where: on Profile
  • 4. How: choose "Buy Now" button to complete the purchase via PayPal.

    You could also pay without a PayPal account inserting on shot your credit card data.

  • 5. When: the payment is confirmed your Profile is updated and from My Lists you could select Swap Premium icon Swap Premium

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Swap Premium give you also same Album results.

You could pay with a debit or credit card from the same page Walk Of Fame

CeLoMiManca's One Year Premium Service costs 10€. One year means 365 days from the date of the purchase.