Swap Request

A Good Swap

Swap with others the way you would have them swap with you.

A good swap makes all happy.

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  • 1. What:

    Swap Request
    To swap yours spare cards with another user, send a Swap Request.

  • 2. Why: We swaps first of all to enjoy ourself, meet people with our shared interest and obviously complete quickly ours Albums
  • 3. Where: My Swap Request
  • 4. How:

    Create a Swap Request

    1. Go To My Lists

    2. Click the swap icon

    3. Choose the user you want to swap with and click the message icon

    4. The form is pre filled with all mandatory values. You could change them and fill optional fields: your postal address and a note.

    Address Example
    Mr. Walter C. Brown
    49 Featherstone Street
    EC1Y 8SY
    Sender Note Example
    "Choose three cards from my Spare List."

    Click Send Button to send your Swap Request to the other user.

    Accept a Swap Request

    1. Click the link in the notification email or go To My Swap Request and click the View icon related to that swap request

    2. Click Accept button

    3. Fill out the form with your complete postal address

    Address Example
    Mario Rossi c/o Bar da Mario
    Via Ligabue 1
    20100 Milano (Italy)
    Receiver Note Example
    "Ok I have choose cards : 4, 5 and 8."

    4. Click Send Button to accept and send notification to other user.

    Reject a Swap Request

    1. Click Reject Button.

    2. In the Update page you could write your message for other user.

    3. Click Update. A notification email is sent to other user and the Swap Request moved to Archive

  • 5. When you have:
    you had to wait for a response or view the Swap Request click Update and add a message (Note from sender)
    you had to Accept or Reject the Swap Request
    If the other user doesn't accept or reject your Swap Request, after 10 days you'll see an "Archive" icon . Click this icon to move the Swap Request to "Archive" and to put the swap request status to "Ignored".

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Most popular questions

Ready To Swap

When you are not ready to swap (e.g. vacation period..) please set Ready To Swap to "No" on My Profile

You can leave your Feedback only when swap is accepted. Learn more about Feedback

We respect your privacy and protect it, so you could write your postal address only to the person that has accepted to swap with you.

You'll receive in the notification email a reminder that inform you to update the swap request.

You cannot delete a Swap Request you could only Archive it.

If the Receiver does not respond to your Swap Request in 10 days, you'll see an Archive icon

If you have change your mind on a Swap Request you have sent, please Update that Swap Request and ask the other collector to reject it.

When the feedback on the Swap is given, the Swap Request automatically moves in My> My Requests tab Archive.

Some details:

  • Swap Request Accepted (both sent or received): after providing feedback the Swap Request is automatically stored in My> My Requests tab Archive.
  • If you are the sender and the Swap Request is ignored: after 10 days the Archive icon appears.
  • If you are the receiver you had to accept or reject the Swap Request. If the reject it is moved automatically in Archive. If you accept it the Swap Request automatically moves in My> My Requests tab Archive when the feedback is given